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Early Life

Rato Darsi, whose friends had called her “Gurt”, inherited the markings of her grandfather, and the Y'grritii rejoiced for they believed that their great warrior had returned to them in the body of this child. She inherited her mother’s wit, and her family rejoiced for they believed her intellect to be a blessing to their village; but despite the joy and the hope put on her small shoulders, Rato would only grow to be the source of their deepest shame and disappointment.

Rato was appreciated among her people for her creativity as a child, but displayed a sense of restlessness in her teenage years that her family could not understand - and which put her life and the lives of others in danger. Had the story had a happier ending, they would have said that she had simply been "too smart for her own good", but in the end it was ego that was her undoing. How could an akul - a simple beast - be any match for her mind? When the dust had cleared, her hubris had resulted in the death of a child in her care - the offspring of their leader. While execution would have been a fitting end, she was instead banished from her home and people: a fate which, to the Togruta, is worse than death.

Unable or unwilling to accept the faults within herself that caused the tragedy, Rato remained in the forests surrounding her village, bent on taking revenge upon the beast that she blamed for her loss of livelihood. Hunting it became her obsession, but the Togruta are a connected people, and living on one’s own in exile is a harsh test of survival - she should have died. Rato Darsi's tale should have ended here, alone - but what she lacked in strength, the young Togruta made up for in cunning. She built traps, fashioned more effective weapons, became adept with poisons, and slowly lost herself in the trees and the hunt and the crushing, overwhelming solitude. She became something feral and predatory, forced to adapt to a lifestyle that suited neither the biological need for companionship nor the hyperactive intelligence which thrummed at the back of her mind, which kept her awake through nights on end. She would pace in the night, clutching at her temples; questions she had no answers to, thoughts she could not make sense of, details of her surroundings that seemed pointless… She summed the ever growing madness within her up to anger, the need for revenge, and the overwhelming desire to be reunited with her tribe and family; but when the day finally came that she was victorious over the beast that had killed the child and cost her her home, her family would not take her back. They were ashamed of the daughter they had expelled into the wilds, and afraid of what she had come back. The young woman who stood before them, painted in blood and adorned with the teeth of the beast, dragging bits of its carcass behind her as proof of her goodness... This was not the daughter they had lost. She was driven away in their disgust.

Even still she could not understand that it was not the Akul that her people hated for the incident. With the creature dead and her exile unresolved, Rato slipped into a darkness that she did not know she held within herself - she spent weeks travelling the planet as an aimless vagrant, growing weaker in the throes of her loss. She was prepared to die when the epiphany finally came; when she was at her weakest and most vulnerable the understanding washed through her - and in this self-hatred and defeat, she found hope. Small enlightenment. Rato, curled upon the damp floor of a cavern, forced life back into herself. She ate the moss from the ground and drank the water from the cracks of the cave walls until she was strong enough to venture back into the grasslands to hunt, and she pieced what was left of herself back together. She had found acceptance, and in this a plan to move forward.

She had to leave. Shili held nothing more for her and she had nothing left offer it, save for the nutrients of her body in death.

Then only 19 years of age, the damaged young Togruta bartered passage from her home planet in exchange for work and continued her aimless existence among the stars, searching for a purpose. She sought knowledge in all of its forms, becoming almost monk-like in her pursuit of it. She would sleep on the steps of the libraries of Coruscant, sift through discarded electronics in junk heaps on Tatooine, seeking to understand and make them whole once more. Coming from warrior stock, one hobby and love stood out among the rest in her vagabond existence: weapons. She found a calming catharsis in tinkering with blasters, although the learning curve cost her a few fingers over the years.

This existence, while one lived among other populations and people, was still cut off from the great collective system of support she had grown in. Rato Darsi was always alone - and as her mind sought and struggled to stitch her back to health and sanity, she grew to find the meaning in her solitude. She was meant to live this way, and to this day considers her rootless life and petty relationships to be her punishment. She wears the fang of the akul she slayed - the one which killed the child - not as a mark of her victory, but as a reminder of her shame. It is a mark of an exile so complete that it has permeated through her very self.

Still, she sought companionship. She sought meaning. She was alive, but drifting, and she was alone no matter the place she traveled or the people she found - there was no connection or tribe to replace the ones that she had lost. There was an emptiness left by the family who feared her, the child whose life she had so instrumental in ending. But she kept moving, and she kept learning, and she kept observing… She spent time in the employ of so many different beings in so many different places - but one constant stood out. She felt fear, no matter where she went - fear of an old wound festering beneath the surface, an old enemy that was pushing its way back to the surface. She knew who the white-clad warriors were the moment she saw them, understood the whisperings of First Order tyranny.

And she knew that she had, at last, found another beast to kill.


At the age of 25, Rato, with all of her flaws and her knowledge, sought out The Resistance. Through all that she has learned and all that she has seen, her thirst for fealty never left her - the Resistance offered a cause to which she could dedicate herself, and lives which she could tie to her own. It wasn't family, but it was close enough.

After joining, Rato found a quiet niche for herself among this new tribe and managed to make some small impression with her gritty brand of technical knowledge and keen eye. She worked alongside her new brothers and sisters for almost a full year before she was transferred off of D'Qar. She found herself apart of the Kath Hounds on the Smuggler's Moon, Nar Shaddaa, where she continued her work as an intelligence operative and tinkered with blasters in her spare time.

But it was not meant to last.

Rato was unable to fully adapt to the militaristic style of life, and was discharged once it became clear that her behavior had the potential to put others at risk... A risk which an unfortunate training incident made quite clear. Darsi found herself an exile once more, now on the unfamiliar and unforgiving Hutt moon. Luckily for the Togruta, she wasn't going to sleep on a trash heap for long: Corr Waldin recruited her into the Civil Defense Force after his own split from the Resistance.

Her future is uncertain, and for now she sleeps on a pile of blankets in the corner of the CDF's hangar and casually constructs explosives from trash.


"...She'd probably get up on the furniture, jump, attack me like a sentient, evil backpack, punch me in the kidneys until I fell over, and then track down Rheisa Dirleel to complain about the poor quality of Togruta men on this planet." - Valko Tosha

Because Rato spent several years travelling, there is always the chance that your character and her know each other - if you want to set something up, just let me know!

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