Rax Vaelus

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Rax Vaelus is a tall, broad-shouldered man who moves with cold, grim gravitas. His copper-blonde hair and flashing blue eyes bring both thunder and lightning to his dark countenance, while his rugged clothing make him appear to be some sort of adventurer archaeologist.

He wears a tan, button-down shirt, rugged brown pants, and a leather jacket that's seen some wear. His boots are trail-worn and broken in, and fingerless gloves offer some assistance with climbing.

Obtainable Information

Rax Vaelus was once a famous pirate, having sacked many freighters, shuttles, and transports in the Mid and Outer Rims. Fearsome and bloodthirsty, the lightning-eyed human supposedly wielded a blue lightsaber in combat, and mowed down opponents in droves.

After a mysterious mission which supposedly involved the First Order, the Jedi, and betrayal, Rax has grown notably less ferocious. Though still fearless in battle, Rax seems more reflective and thoughtful, if not more than a little melancholy, for some reason.

Rax Vaelus is slowly acquiring a reputation for...archaeology? He has been seen in the grand museum on Naboo, near the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, and the wilds of Bimmisaari. He's even rumored to have traveled to lost worlds.

Rax was recently captured by the First Order, but was released after days of interrogation without his lightsaber. In his own words: "Yeah, we had some drinks. Shot the poodoo. Got tortured. You know, hung out for a while. It was fun."

RP Hooks

Burning the Past: Rax Vaelus has joined the Mandalorian Revivers, seeking to either escape or confront his dark past. The crucible that will reforge or destroy him awaits.

The Blade That Was Broken: The lightsaber Rax once bore has been taken by the dark warrior Kylo Ren. Rax intends to take it back.

The Dark Mirror: Rax is walking a path of redemption for his dark deeds. Though that path may never lead him to the Force, he walks with the faith of a penitent man.

A Different Kind of Hunter: Rax is increasingly finding solace in the new path he walks, searching ever onward in a potentially hopeless quest for answers.