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History and Background

Rebel Yell was founded by Sar Yavok and Gren Delede, two Galactic Civil War veterans (hence the name). At its core, Rebel Yell is based on the ideals of liberty and freedom within the galaxy.

After nearly a year of peace-keeping, Rebel Yell shut its doors and its two co-founders disappeared from the public spotlight. However, in the year 1157, Sar Yavok refounded the security company with the help of various investors and a contract from the Hutts.

For now, Rebel Yell's influence only goes so far as a small stretch in the Starport District.

What is Rebel Yell?

Rebel Yell is a private security firm that operates in the Starport District of Nar Shaddaa. While they're main beat keeps them mostly on the Smuggler's Moon, the firm does take the occasional contract off-world.

Available Services

The following is a list of services that Rebel Yell can be hired to assist with:

1. Standard private military operations

2. Personal security details

3. Scavenging operations

4. Support for relief actions

5. Information gathering

6. Peacekeeping and law enforcement roles

7. Asset recovery and relocation

Aside from this list, Rebel Yell is available for just about anything, as long as the cause (and the money) is good.

The Crew


Rebel Yell has a limited collection of ships at their disposal.

Big Deal - a YZ-775

Switchblade - an Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter

Freedom Cry - a U-Wing

All of these ships are looking for crew. Apply today!

Rebel Yell Armor/Equipment

After Rebel Yell's initial monetary success, Sar Yavok got in contact with an armorsmith and had a design drawn up for two suits of armor that would be durable, flexible, and above all; capable of being mass-produced.

Heavy Armor


Light Armor