Red Rover

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The Red Rover is a GX-1 Short Hauler which retains its original purpose as a traveling home for Tamrae, owner of the Arms Akimbo shipyard on Nar Shadda. It has been painted in the colors of Old Republic red with white trim.


Designed originally as an affordable pleasure craft, the Rover is a durable, well-designed ship intended for comfortable travel over long distances. The vessel itself incorporates a variety of amenities, including a full galley, refresher, holo-theater, medical bay, engineering workshop, and an expansive captain's quarters and four comfortably-sized staterooms for passengers. The main common room includes a large panoramic viewport looking out the front of the ship, as well as a large circular table and several couches and chairs. The rear of the ship is taken up by an upgrade engineering space, where larger sublight engines replace the standard designs, using up some of the ship's cargo space. The cockpit is on the upper deck and is large enough to easily accommodate four stations, with an upgraded navi-computer and an installed mute button for the ship's annoying verbose computer.


The Rover mounts a dorsal light turbolaser turret for protection, though its shield systems remain stock. Thus, it relies more on speed and maneuverability for defense against smaller ships.

Deck Plans