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"Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah? Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah!"
-- Old Coruscanti folk song.


The Redline is a CEC YT-2000 obtained by Zhu Yan during a bout of poetic exploration of the Nar Shaddaa Scrapyards in the Gearhead district. Initially it was, unlike the Millenium Falcon of yore, actually a piece of junk. Yan, however, got it back up and running and after a few problems with the fuel intake manifold (repaired by repeated percussive maintenance) it eventually came close to something resembling full factory spec. He's always tweaking, modifying, and dare I say redecorating the ship, never quite happy with how it's performing at any one time.

After flying the ship for some months and coming to grips with how it handled, Yan started making major modifications. He cleaned up the exterior so that it looked a little bit less like junk and more like a modern-grade freighter and he got the lower gun turret working. In addition, he turned it over to Moergog for a period to have the engines boosted to military-grade standard and had the hyperdrive replaced with one that was both astonishingly fast and astonishingly illegal. As Yan's business is fundamentally illegal, it's no skin off his nose.

In the end, what looks like an old junker is actually a fast and highly agile courier of less-than-legal goods, perfectly suited for the pilot that takes great care to look like an idiot. The two additional weapon mounts are still a wreck, and its armor plating and shields are nothing to sneeze at, but it can now happily keep up with an X-Wing in a dogfight. However, the maneuverability of a fighter combined with the weight of a freighter renders the ship notoriously twitchy and tricky to control when flying at anything more than half-power.

Using some of his courier profits, Yan has purchased an R3 droid for assistance in keeping the ship up and running. With the designation R3-D1, Yan showed a staggering amount of imagination when he named her "Reddie".


  • Zhu Yan - Owner, pilot, everything else. The greatest individual in the galaxy.
  • R3-D1 "Reddie" - R3 droid, handles repairs, general computing and knowledge, and backup piloting/astrogation duties. A bit of a pain in the ass.
  • Javi Malek - Ship hand to pay off a debt. A gigantic pain in the ass.
  • Stavros - One-time tow cable operator. A slight pain in the ass.
  • Kasia Ciph - Occasional passenger. A mild pain in the ass.
  • Hex - He flew the ship once. A significant pain in the ass.



  • CEC AG-1G Quad Laser Cannon (Top Turret)
  • CEC AG-1G Quad Laser Cannon (Bottom Turret)
  • Ion Cannon (Right Pylon)
  • Laser Cannon (Left Pylon) - Heavily damaged, unrepaired.

Repairs & Modifications

  • Made spaceworthy - Zhu Yan
  • Repaired fuel intake manifold - Zhu Yan
  • Installation of super-duper illegal .7x hyperdrive - Moergog
  • Installation of military-grade CEC sublight engine, max space speed 101 MGLT - Moergog
  • Repair and refit of pylon-mounted Ion Cannon - Zhu Yan, Reddie