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Title: Scavenger
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Scavenger
Profession: Scavenger
Homeworld: Jakku
Organization: None
Ship: None


Time on Jakku

Rey was born to unknown parents and at the age of five, was left on the planet Jakku, a junkyard planet littered with leftovers from the Battle of Jakku between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. She lived on her own inside a downed AT-AT and learned to survive by scavenging the leftovers which she would sell for sustenance. Rey's skills as a scavenger have earned the respect of many junk traders, Unkar Plutt in particular. Plutt ordered his thugs not to steal Rey's wares because she was a valuable source of salvage. Rey had learned self-defense as a matter of necessity in order to to adjust to the harsh conditions on Jakku.

On one of her scavenging trips, Rey came across an old flight simulator. She took the simulator back to the AT-AT she lived in and used it to learn how to pilot as a source of entertainment.

Rey kept an old Rebel flight helmet she recovered during one of her first scavenging expeditions at the Ship Graveyard. The helmet belonged to Captain Dosmit Ræh of the New Republic "Tierfon Yellow Aces" squadron. Rey would often make up stories about who Ræh was and what planet she might have come from. She also made a doll out of a flight uniform she found in a cargo container aboard a wrecked Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. She would put on the helmet and explore the AT-AT walker and the outdoors with the doll and she would find lost rebels and get them back to their ships safe and sound! (Living a desert life alone, requires ones imagination to be well developed.)

Niima Outpost is where Rey would deliver the bulk of her salvage, specifically to Unkar Plutt's "Roadhouse" which was where his office was based. She would spend time here at Niima's Outpost, working to gain extra food packets by assisting with the cleaning of salvaged items. Food was always Rey's number one daily concern, she'd gone days without it before when salvage operations hadn't gone well and avoiding an empty stomach was always her main daily goal.


Across the Stars

Since leaving Jakku, it has been a whirlwind experience for Rey. She's traveled to a whole host of planets that she never could've dreamed would be as impactful to her as they were. To see the galaxy's wonderous variety in nature and design has been a life lesson she never could've learned on the planet she grew up on. Rey has met new friends and overcome terrible dangers, she's been studying the ways of the Force and got an intimate look into the final days of the legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Rey has become a regular face amongst the remnants of the Resistance, attempting to offer her skills as a pilot and a new Force user to help them survive the darkness that fell over them after the events of Starkiller Base. Rey has flown missions in starfighters and been apart of ground operations that have given her new insights on the pain and suffering of true war, and real fighting.

But throughout it all, her driving force has been her relationship with Leia Organa. The two have grown close and together they're attempting to take all available knowledge of the Jedi Order, old and new, to reforge a future society of Force users that won't be shackled with the burdens of the old Order's mistakes. Luke Skywalker's teachings and his legacy are a major source of information for this that Rey has been gathering and cateloguing so that future generations will be able to look back on Luke's life to know what struggles he faced and how he overcame them, as well as the darkness that he endured in the latter years of his reborn Jedi Order.

Together with Leia's wisdom and guideance, the two of them have bgun to search the stars for other Force users who might be able of mind and body to assist with the construction of... a new era of Lightside wielders. Ones who'll look closely at the teachings of the Jedi and find ways to improve them, to not fear the Darkness, but to learn from it and how to better fight it and keep it from overwhelming the hearts of the students that they aim to teach. This new era of Warriors have a long road ahead of them, but if they succeed then the Jedi Order may return again someday, with the Hope of a stronger and more unified vision on improving and adapting to the galaxy around them. As of today, they're known as the SKYWALKERS and their new established home is on a distant world, forgotten from most starcharts... ruled by a hermit Empire that has had dealings with Luke Skywalker in the years immediately following the Battle of Endor. Its on this remote world they hope to find peace to train and learn the ways of the Force.

To prepare for the future, and the conflicts sure to come.


The Living Force

In a daring attempt to rescue the Resistance's Capital Ship 'Renegade' Rey put herself between it and the planet it was to crash on. She called upon the Force and used what she'd learned to keep the ship from crashing into the surface of Bothawui until the Resistance crew aboard it could get its engines and systems back online. Her connection to the Force had a reaction she hadn't expected and the Force itself called her out of reality and into the place between life and death. Here she met with the Jedi Masters who'd discovered how to wield the power of immortality, between life and death, unable to get back to the living Force. Rey studied with these Masters (she on the side of Life, they on the side of Death), they taught her much more than she could've expected. Luke especially, he apologized to her for his actions on Ach-To, as he hadn't believed in her abilities then.

Rey spent an unknown amount of time as a guest within the living Force, she to this day cannot truly say how long she was there but she knows it was quite a while and she knows the Masters told her time wouldn't pass the same within the Force as it would for the rest of the Galaxy outside of it. When she returned to the reality of the galaxy, a week had gone by. She was recovered on Yavin IV by Leia Organa and she'd told Leia that Yavin IV was a 'crossroads' within the Force, a place where many spirits travel and the power of the Force mingles with both Dark and Light, Life and Death.

Now, Rey is searching for more answers, she's searching to find more ways to express the power that she has inside of her to connect with the Force and to find out why it has chosen her to be as she is, to be a vessel for the Force to work through her. She knows she is different from others, who struggle to train and learn the balance of power to wield the Force... The powers were imbued inside her and she's discovering them more every day. The Jedi Masters themselves expressed no other student in their day had been imbued in the same way. Rey is still frightened at what she's capable of, scared to pass on what she's learned to others, for fear of corrupting their understanding of how to learn. She hopes to become a better teacher in time and with experience and more knowledge earned.



First Entry
When I was told that we were coming to a moon that was covered in a city, I instantly thought of Coruscant and it made me excited to arrive. When we arrived? I was enthralled at the colors that I saw and the... life. An abundance of life. It was everywhere! So much power and lights to look at too, all the neon lights and brightly lit advertisements... I thought I was either going to fall in love with this place, or be overwhelmed by it and wish to hide my head beneath a blanket.

Once I stepped off of the ship though? Thats when I smelled the place. How can a planet smell like this? Its like an entire family of wakoo-snakes crawled inside of an engine and died!

I'm trying to adjust though, I'm trying not to let it overwhelm me. The others? They're such, battle hardened soldiers, they don't even seem to notice the stench and I have to not speak of it. It'll make me look like a snob. I don't want to embark on this new life, after EVERYthing that has happened, and instantly build myself up as a strange snob.


We're supposed to do something tonight. A raid, but that is all I know. I am eager to get out and test myself in new ways. I've been studying the books already, I feel... positivity, after so many days of pure negativity. I want to inspire the others around me and I hope to do that tonight.

We shall see. I will write more soon.

Second Entry
I was shot! Never in my life have I been shot with a blaster... the pain is unbelievable! Its a firey hot, searing and tearing pain! It feels like something is chewing at your skin even after it burns away whatever it blasted into.

Thankfully it was only my shoulder and my clothing seemed to absorb a fair amount of it and thankfully even more the Resistance has a remarkable doctor who, after we finished the mission, repaired the damage with an amazing amount of talent. My word, she'd be treated like royalty amongst the scavengers back home... all the injuries that they we sustain in our lives--in their lives.


Anyway, the mission went well. Supplies for the battered Resistance were claimed from an old warehouse. Watching the soldiers proved a very important lesson for me... I have a lot to learn. Their deadly precision is to be commended, General Organa has surrounded herself with so many talented individuals. But, just being around her is inspiring, so I cannot say I am surprised.


I've... been reading further in the books. I feel I need to return to Ach-to. I need to see where Luke's final resting place is, and I feel I should bring General Organa with me. Plus, I have a family of Porgs aboard the Falcon that I imagine wish to return to their home.

I will approach Leia soon, and see if she wishes to set out to see where her brother was all of these years.

Third Entry
It has been a whirlwind of a week gone by. Leia and I spent several days back on Ach-to and I observed the Princess as she experienced the island where Luke spent the remainder of his days. It was an emotional experience, for us both, but the reaction I didn't expect however is that Leia seemed to almost grow happier just by being there and seeing her twin brother's final living space.

The Princess and I got time to speak to one another, to learn more about each other and to realize how similar our mindsets are on the past, present and the future. Especially with regard to the legacy left behind by Master Luke and his father before him.

Leia and I believe in the same future for the Jedi... that now is not their time to return. We seek something different, and we're seeking it together. We both believe that the lives lived by her father and her brother, should be the guiding star on-which future generations of Force Users set their course. That the failures--and the successes--should help others find their own footing into uncertain futures.

I see it now, in her, she who spent the entirity of her life fighting for freedom and democracy throughout the galaxy now wishing to find it through the means that Luke inspired in her. There have been three Skywalkers who greatly effect the Jedi Order in the past many decades, but the Jedi Order... as it was... wasn't ready to adapt to the changes the Skywalker bloodline came to conflict with in the ways of the Order. The Skywalkers brought the faults to the forefront, and made the Order no longer able to pretend that there were no faults in their ways.

I believe now that Leia is the future of the light side of the Force, I'm witnessing the change and I intend to document everything going forward so that all future users of the Force will have a clearer baseline to build from. Far too long has the galaxy had no foundation to better understand the purpose of the 'Light Side' and I believe my responsibility... why I was chosen for this... is to bare witness to it and to research it, learn it.. and share it.


The Princess and I have raised Master Luke's X-wing from the seawater. We attached it to the Millennium Falcon (Thank you Chewbacca) and we've delivered it to a private location for repairs.

After a short stop on a fascinating planet called Iridonia, and a humbling experience at a lovely ceremony to say goodbye to a galactic Hero... Leia and I have set out again. This time to the site of an old Rebel Base, on a moon called Yavin IV. There, I hope to be able to repair the lightsaber that Ben destroyed.

Leia is branching out with her wealth of contacts, to find others sensitive to the Force's flowing power. We intend to bring others into this experience with us, so that the Light can begin to heal again and soon push back against the Darkness.

So much more to learn, so much more to experience...

Fourth Entry
I've visited two more key elements in the history of the Jedi as of now. The first being that of Tatooine... Luke's homeworld.

At first I was quite distracted by the fact that it was so... similar to the planet that I'm doing my best to leave behind me, but once I began to explore it--and experience it--I've come to realize just how different it really is. (It didn't stop me from asking Leia to please not leave me behind however. Thankfully she didn't!).

Tatooine makes Jakku look like, well, a bustling metropolis. Its crawling with strange lifeforms and quaint towns that are much larger than any on Jakku. So if Luke ever lamented about his home like I have (which I'm told all young people do) then I'm displeased to say that I believe I had it worse. But thats neither here nor there, making it only something I would've loved to have gotten the chance to speak with him about, to bond over the similar upbringing. I would've loved to have heard his stories from his childhood...

Moving forward: I visited several locations within the planet's desert landscape including the 'Lars Homestead' where Luke grew up, which is unoccupied and in disarray... it looked as though there was a fight there many years ago. 'Tusken Raiders' are what I was warned most of prior to my exploration, thankfully I saw none of these indigenous creatures however, but I have to assume they were the most likely culprits of this attack to whomever had claimed the home previously.

From there: I used the descriptions provided in Luke's journal to find the location of Ben Kenobi's former residence, a small mudbrick adobe on the edge of the Dune Sea. Although the building was entirely empty, it was in surprisingly good condition... likely because of its natural camoflauge and remote location. Some silly part of me thought I'd find something of significant value or aide within it... but I realized that just standing within it was 'enough' to help shape me at least a little.

Overall: Tatooine was a somber experience. A beautiful world in its own right... but one that can help me little in my goals as whole. I know there's more to it that I was unable to see, perhaps someday I'll return.


Scene One "Scaling Yavin IV"
With a structure as tall as that of the Greater Massassi Temple, Rey experienced only one desire when eyeballing it in the dying hours of the moon's day cycle... to climb it.

So with the sounds of wildlife and calm winds filling the backdrop, and the red hue of the nearby gas giant of Yavin shining down upon the otherwise misty green jungles of Yavin IV... Rey scaled the temple's western facing walls. Up and up she climbed, it as invigorating to get to be out of the interior of the temple, to be back doing what she'd done for so many years on Jakku... scaling some ancient relic, left behind by a people no longer present.

It took a little while to get to the top, but as far as climbs went... it was one of the easier ones that the nimble young woman has done in her life.

Once at the top, Rey walked across the building's plateau-like roof and went toward the northeastern corner... She stood there, Queen of the Castle and let her brown eyes pass over all of Yavin IV's jungle.

"Beautiful..." Rey whispered. She watched a flock of local wild birds soaring over the tree tops and moving off toward one of the Lesser Temples peaking up out of the canopy of tree cover.

With a heavy exhale, Rey unclipped the helmet from her belt that had been dangling there. She pulled the small handheld 'remote' from inside it and then placed the helmet on over her head. A button press later and the helmet's blastshield shot down over her eyes and she could only see blackness and hear the muffled sounds of the jungle...

SNAP-HISS The darkening jungle atmosphere was rumbled by the sudden burst of energy. A reforged lightsaber growled in the young woman's hands, and a Remote danced about in front of her.

The jungle grew darker as night started to fall across it, the bright blue beam of a lightsaber danced around ontop of the Greater Massassi Temple with the occassional flickering flash of white light when the stun bolts from the Remote were blocked and deflected.

Scene Two "Exploring Dagobah"
Two days have gone by on the planet of Dagobah, a rainstorm had moved through this morning and Rey had found shelter inside a hallowed out tree. It might've been uncomfortable to most, but for a girl who was in love with the very idea of rain... she enjoyed it. For the most part. With a datapad in hand, Rey had sat and reviewed her notes while also reading the journal from Luke about his time here with Master Yoda.

It was that very journal that lead Rey to be able to locate the former home of the wayward Jedi Master, a mud adobe on the edge of the misty swamps.

So when the rains had finally let up in the late afternoon, the young teenager set out to find the points of interest. Yoda's home was found first, though little remained inside it except a family of lizards nestuled happily inside the old firepit.

While distant thunder rolled across the horizon of the cloud covered sky, Rey worked on cleaning some vines off the exterior of the old home. Within another hour she had the adobe in a state of fair condition and planned to stay the night within it...

But with the remainder of the day, she had another place to find. A cave. Mentioned in Luke's journal it was a wealth spring of 'dark power' and this alone was enough to intrigue the learning Force adept.

With the sun beginning to set, Rey discovered the cave. Once she was close enough she could 'feel it' in the air like a chilling touch. Artoo wheeled up beside her as she stared at the open entrance, the little droid wobbled on his metal feet and made quiet soft sounds of worry.

"I don't like caves either." Rey said to the droid, her eyes looking down at him for a moment. Her hands went to her hips and she detached the utility belt from her waist, lowered it to rest beeside the droid. "Watch this for me and stay here. Call out if you need me." She told her little metal friend, leaving a pile of ship tools, a blaster, and a lightsaber beside him in the soft mud.

Rey stepped then toward the cavern mouth, her right hand going up to rest on a damp muddy root beside its maw, her eyes looked left to right and then deeper inside and she stepped further into the darkness.


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