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Title: Scavenger
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Scavenger
Profession: Scavenger
Homeworld: Jakku
Organization: None
Ship: None


Time on Jakku

Rey was born to unknown parents and at the age of five, was left on the planet Jakku, a junkyard planet littered with leftovers from the Battle of Jakku between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. She lived on her own inside a downed AT-AT and learned to survive by scavenging the leftovers which she would sell for sustenance. Rey's skills as a scavenger have earned the respect of many junk traders, Unkar Plutt in particular. Plutt ordered his thugs not to steal Rey's wares because she was a valuable source of salvage. Rey had learned self-defense as a matter of necessity in order to to adjust to the harsh conditions on Jakku.

On one of her scavenging trips, Rey came across an old flight simulator. She took the simulator back to the AT-AT she lived in and used it to learn how to pilot as a source of entertainment.

Rey kept an old Rebel flight helmet she recovered during one of her first scavenging expeditions at the Ship Graveyard. The helmet belonged to Captain Dosmit Ræh of the New Republic "Tierfon Yellow Aces" squadron. Rey would often make up stories about who Ræh was and what planet she might have come from. She also made a doll out of a flight uniform she found in a cargo container aboard a wrecked Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. She would put on the helmet and explore the AT-AT walker and the outdoors with the doll and she would find lost rebels and get them back to their ships safe and sound! (Living a desert life alone, requires ones imagination to be well developed.)

Niima Outpost is where Rey would deliver the bulk of her salvage, specifically to Unkar Plutt's "Roadhouse" which was where his office was based. She would spend time here at Niima's Outpost, working to gain extra food packets by assisting with the cleaning of salvaged items. Food was always Rey's number one daily concern, she'd gone days without it before when salvage operations hadn't gone well and avoiding an empty stomach was always her main daily goal.


Across the Stars

Since leaving Jakku, it has been a whirlwind experience for Rey. She's traveled to a whole host of planets that she never could've dreamed would be as impactful to her as they were. To see the galaxy's wonderous variety in nature and design has been a life lesson she never could've learned on the planet she grew up on. Rey has met new friends and overcome terrible dangers, she's been studying the ways of the Force and got an intimate look into the final days of the legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Rey has become a regular face amongst the remnants of the Resistance, attempting to offer her skills as a pilot and a new Force user to help them survive the darkness that fell over them after the events of Starkiller Base. Rey has flown missions in starfighters and been apart of ground operations that have given her new insights on the pain and suffering of true war, and real fighting.

But throughout it all, her driving force has been her relationship with Leia Organa. The two have grown close and together they're attempting to take all available knowledge of the Jedi Order, old and new, to reforge a future society of Force users that won't be shackled with the burdens of the old Order's mistakes. Luke Skywalker's teachings and his legacy are a major source of information for this that Rey has been gathering and cateloguing so that future generations will be able to look back on Luke's life to know what struggles he faced and how he overcame them, as well as the darkness that he endured in the latter years of his reborn Jedi Order.

Together with Leia's wisdom and guideance, the two of them have bgun to search the stars for other Force users who might be able of mind and body to assist with the construction of... a new era of Lightside wielders. Ones who'll look closely at the teachings of the Jedi and find ways to improve them, to not fear the Darkness, but to learn from it and how to better fight it and keep it from overwhelming the hearts of the students that they aim to teach. This new era of Warriors have a long road ahead of them, but if they succeed then the Jedi Order may return again someday, with the Hope of a stronger and more unified vision on improving and adapting to the galaxy around them. As of today, they're known as the SKYWALKERS and their new established home is on a distant world, forgotten from most starcharts... ruled by a hermit Empire that has had dealings with Luke Skywalker in the years immediately following the Battle of Endor. Its on this remote world they hope to find peace to train and learn the ways of the Force.

To prepare for the future, and the conflicts sure to come.

The Living Force

In a daring attempt to rescue the Resistance's Capital Ship 'Renegade' Rey put herself between it and the planet it was to crash on. She called upon the Force and used what she'd learned to keep the ship from crashing into the surface of Bothawui until the Resistance crew aboard it could get its engines and systems back online. Her connection to the Force had a reaction she hadn't expected and the Force itself called her out of reality and into the place between life and death. Here she met with the Jedi Masters who'd discovered how to wield the power of immortality, between life and death, unable to get back to the living Force. Rey studied with these Masters (she on the side of Life, they on the side of Death), they taught her much more than she could've expected. Luke especially, he apologized to her for his actions on Ach-To, as he hadn't believed in her abilities then.

Rey spent an unknown amount of time as a guest within the living Force, she to this day cannot truly say how long she was there but she knows it was quite a while and she knows the Masters told her time wouldn't pass the same within the Force as it would for the rest of the Galaxy outside of it. When she returned to the reality of the galaxy, a week had gone by. She was recovered on Yavin IV by Leia Organa and she'd told Leia that Yavin IV was a 'crossroads' within the Force, a place where many spirits travel and the power of the Force mingles with both Dark and Light, Life and Death. Now, Rey is searching for more answers, she's searching to find more ways to express the power that she has inside of her to connect with the Force and to find out why it has chosen her to be as she is, to be a vessel for the Force to work through her. She knows she is different from others, who struggle to train and learn the balance of power to wield the Force... The powers were imbued inside her and she's discovering them more every day. The Jedi Masters themselves expressed no other student in their day had been imbued in the same way. Rey is still frightened at what she's capable of, scared to pass on what she's learned to others, for fear of corrupting their understanding of how to learn. She hopes to become a better teacher in time and with experience and more knowledge earned.

Be With Me

Rey Jungle.png
In the two year since the Battle of Crait, since the death of Master Skywalker, Rey has been focused intently upon her training. Studying the Jedi texts that she took from Ahch-to and gathering more journals, tomes and anything that can be recovered from the old days of the Jedi of past.

But the greatest resource has been the other Force sensitives that she has found, either who've come to her, or that have been uncovered from adventures around the galaxy. These new Force users are working with Rey to restore the Jedi Order. Rey holds a great sense of pride in those who are joining her in this endeavor, but she also cares a great deal for each one of them. The pressure of restoring the Order, but also not to ruin the lives of others who are believing in her, weighs heavy upon her heart, but her dedication to the cause is fueling her passion to succeed.

With the help of her new Jedi Initiates, Rey has helped uncover old lost locations of the Jedi of past. One of these is a temple on the planet of Devaron. Found in the dangerous jungles of the planet, the new Jedi Order have retaken it from a hostile faction that was using it to profit off of the chaos of the galaxy. Now, with new allies at the reclaimed temple, the new Jedi Order has begun to rebuild the site and prepare to make it a true home for exploring all facets of the Force.


First Entry
When I was told that we were coming to a moon that was covered in a city, I instantly thought of Coruscant and it made me excited to arrive. When we arrived? I was enthralled at the colors that I saw and the... life. An abundance of life. It was everywhere! So much power and lights to look at too, all the neon lights and brightly lit advertisements... I thought I was either going to fall in love with this place, or be overwhelmed by it and wish to hide my head beneath a blanket.

Once I stepped off of the ship though? Thats when I smelled the place. How can a planet smell like this? Its like an entire family of wakoo-snakes crawled inside of an engine and died!

I'm trying to adjust though, I'm trying not to let it overwhelm me. The others? They're such, battle hardened soldiers, they don't even seem to notice the stench and I have to not speak of it. It'll make me look like a snob. I don't want to embark on this new life, after EVERYthing that has happened, and instantly build myself up as a strange snob.


We're supposed to do something tonight. A raid, but that is all I know. I am eager to get out and test myself in new ways. I've been studying the books already, I feel... positivity, after so many days of pure negativity. I want to inspire the others around me and I hope to do that tonight.

We shall see. I will write more soon.

Second Entry
I was shot! Never in my life have I been shot with a blaster... the pain is unbelievable! Its a firey hot, searing and tearing pain! It feels like something is chewing at your skin even after it burns away whatever it blasted into.

Thankfully it was only my shoulder and my clothing seemed to absorb a fair amount of it and thankfully even more the Resistance has a remarkable doctor who, after we finished the mission, repaired the damage with an amazing amount of talent. My word, she'd be treated like royalty amongst the scavengers back home... all the injuries that they we sustain in our lives--in their lives.


Anyway, the mission went well. Supplies for the battered Resistance were claimed from an old warehouse. Watching the soldiers proved a very important lesson for me... I have a lot to learn. Their deadly precision is to be commended, General Organa has surrounded herself with so many talented individuals. But, just being around her is inspiring, so I cannot say I am surprised.


I've... been reading further in the books. I feel I need to return to Ach-to. I need to see where Luke's final resting place is, and I feel I should bring General Organa with me. Plus, I have a family of Porgs aboard the Falcon that I imagine wish to return to their home.

I will approach Leia soon, and see if she wishes to set out to see where her brother was all of these years.

Third Entry
It has been a whirlwind of a week gone by. Leia and I spent several days back on Ach-to and I observed the Princess as she experienced the island where Luke spent the remainder of his days. It was an emotional experience, for us both, but the reaction I didn't expect however is that Leia seemed to almost grow happier just by being there and seeing her twin brother's final living space.

The Princess and I got time to speak to one another, to learn more about each other and to realize how similar our mindsets are on the past, present and the future. Especially with regard to the legacy left behind by Master Luke and his father before him.

Leia and I believe in the same future for the Jedi... that now is not their time to return. We seek something different, and we're seeking it together. We both believe that the lives lived by her father and her brother, should be the guiding star on-which future generations of Force Users set their course. That the failures--and the successes--should help others find their own footing into uncertain futures.

I see it now, in her, she who spent the entirity of her life fighting for freedom and democracy throughout the galaxy now wishing to find it through the means that Luke inspired in her. There have been three Skywalkers who greatly effect the Jedi Order in the past many decades, but the Jedi Order... as it was... wasn't ready to adapt to the changes the Skywalker bloodline came to conflict with in the ways of the Order. The Skywalkers brought the faults to the forefront, and made the Order no longer able to pretend that there were no faults in their ways.

I believe now that Leia is the future of the light side of the Force, I'm witnessing the change and I intend to document everything going forward so that all future users of the Force will have a clearer baseline to build from. Far too long has the galaxy had no foundation to better understand the purpose of the 'Light Side' and I believe my responsibility... why I was chosen for this... is to bare witness to it and to research it, learn it.. and share it.



The Princess and I have raised Master Luke's X-wing from the seawater. We attached it to the Millennium Falcon (Thank you Chewbacca) and we've delivered it to a private location for repairs.

After a short stop on a fascinating planet called Iridonia, and a humbling experience at a lovely ceremony to say goodbye to a galactic Hero... Leia and I have set out again. This time to the site of an old Rebel Base, on a moon called Yavin IV. There, I hope to be able to repair the lightsaber that Ben destroyed.

Leia is branching out with her wealth of contacts, to find others sensitive to the Force's flowing power. We intend to bring others into this experience with us, so that the Light can begin to heal again and soon push back against the Darkness.

So much more to learn, so much more to experience...

Fourth Entry
I've visited two more key elements in the history of the Jedi as of now. The first being that of Tatooine... Luke's homeworld.

At first I was quite distracted by the fact that it was so... similar to the planet that I'm doing my best to leave behind me, but once I began to explore it--and experience it--I've come to realize just how different it really is. (It didn't stop me from asking Leia to please not leave me behind however. Thankfully she didn't!).

Tatooine makes Jakku look like, well, a bustling metropolis. Its crawling with strange lifeforms and quaint towns that are much larger than any on Jakku. So if Luke ever lamented about his home like I have (which I'm told all young people do) then I'm displeased to say that I believe I had it worse. But thats neither here nor there, making it only something I would've loved to have gotten the chance to speak with him about, to bond over the similar upbringing. I would've loved to have heard his stories from his childhood...

Moving forward: I visited several locations within the planet's desert landscape including the 'Lars Homestead' where Luke grew up, which is unoccupied and in disarray... it looked as though there was a fight there many years ago. 'Tusken Raiders' are what I was warned most of prior to my exploration, thankfully I saw none of these indigenous creatures however, but I have to assume they were the most likely culprits of this attack to whomever had claimed the home previously.

From there: I used the descriptions provided in Luke's journal to find the location of Ben Kenobi's former residence, a small mudbrick adobe on the edge of the Dune Sea. Although the building was entirely empty, it was in surprisingly good condition... likely because of its natural camoflauge and remote location. Some silly part of me thought I'd find something of significant value or aide within it... but I realized that just standing within it was 'enough' to help shape me at least a little.

Overall: Tatooine was a somber experience. A beautiful world in its own right... but one that can help me little in my goals as whole. I know there's more to it that I was unable to see, perhaps someday I'll return.

Rey's Jedi Compednium


Jedi Text 01.png

Here, within the pages of this Compendium, I have included as much information as I can cram into one (relatively) small book for you all to keep with you. This compendium will be a reference guide for you to always have safe and close at hand in case you need a bit of a refresher on any given topic within it.

The first section is for that of the Jedi Code. As we've discussed in classes, the Jedi Code is an important element of keeping our minds in a place that will help keep us balanced in our uses of the Force. The Code is meant to be reflected upon once every day, though in my research many of the greatest Jedi Masters referred to reflecting up on several more times than that within a single day.

We are but simple creatures, however, and though I do not think anyone can truly be perfect with this (or anything else). I ask that we all try to remember the Code and that we try to interpret its meaning as we face new challenges each and every day. Keep it in your mind and think about the philosophical impact each line within it possesses. This Code was designed to help keep us from falling toward the dark side of the Force, and I believe it can still provide that assistance today.


   There is no emotion, there is peace. 
   There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. 
   There is no passion, there is serenity. 
   There is no chaos, there is harmony. 
   There is no death, there is the Force.



Jed Text 02.jpg

When I started on this journey over a year ago, I never imagined obtaining the knowledge that I have today. When I first experienced 'the Force' it was quite literally through what I first interpreted to be fear. Now, I know that it was in fact merely a lack of knowledge, knowledge of what it is I was truly experiencing. But that is the thing about fear, we manifest it in ourselves when presented with challenges we lack the knowledge in how to overcome.

Through Luke's journals, through our time on Tython, the holocrons we've recovered, I now understand why the Jedi became what they were, and I understand how they fell--or at least I like to believe I understand at least some of it.

The oldest recorded knowledge of the Force originates from the world of Tython, generations before the Galactic Republic, these ancient monks known as 'Seers' were able to call upon the power of the Force--but back then, they referred to it as the 'Ashla'. It was also here that the Seers began the earliest debates on how to properly wield this Ashla power, and this... is what lead to the very first battles between those who believed in its use for good, and those who believed in its use for greed. The Light and the Dark were born here.

These philosophical disagreements eventually lead to fights and these battles amongst the Seers became to eventually be known as 'The Force Wars of Tython' and it was during these events that the Force was first used to forge stronger and better weapons. With the help of off-worlders bringing in new forms of technology, the Seers were able to put together the first forms of what we now know today as the Lightsaber. War, sadly seems to be one of the most powerful ways to progress technology. War is valuable, in the sense of credits and personal gain. I experienced this on my time on Jakku even, as it was through the machines of war that I struggled to carve out a meager living, salvaging parts from long forgotten metal monstrosities.

But in the old days, it was also through these Force Wars that the Jedi Order was forged, and from Tython they first set out to become defenders of peace and justice in the galaxy, vowing to use the knowledge they'd gained to help the galaxy as a whole. Jedi settled upon worlds such as Osus and Ahch-to. When the Galactic Republic formed through peaceful means in the Core Worlds, the Jedi Order then set their sights on protection of this Republic, as its democratic government was proclaiming peace, knowledge and justice as their primary ideals to build a better galaxy upon.

An era of conflict between the Jedi and the Sith would later arise and become known as 'The Great Sith Wars' and it was during these wars that both Ossus would be sacked, and Ahch-to would be lost and forgotten.

The Temple and the Great Library on Ossus were abandoned and what could be taken from them were now moved to Coruscant where a new Jedi Temple would be erected and become the primary center of Jedi activity, training, and discovery within the entirety of the galaxy.

"For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire."

The above quote came from Luke's original teacher and mentor, a Jedi Knight known as Obi-Wan Kenobi who survived the Clone Wars and the extermination of the Jedi Order by fallen member Darth Vader. Luke has said that Obi-Wan often spoken with passion and remorse in his voice for the life lost, for the Order lost and he said it would sometimes lead him to speak in a way that would lead someone to see things from his point of view, rather than from all the facts as they may truly be. He expressed a wealth of respect for the Jedi Master, but said like everyone--bias could be found in the way they presented their side of stories.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was the Master, and closest friend, to Anakin Skywalker who eventually became Darth Vader. This connection fascinates me to a degree that I can't quite easily express. By all rights, Obi-Wan Kenobi was as faithful of a Jedi as one could ever be, up to the very end of the Order as it was in the days of the Clone Wars. But his student, Anakin, became the creator of the Order's end in that time. We may never know all the factors that caused these events, but its reverberations are still effecting all of us today.

The Jedi Order fell then, and is being revived today. By all of us.


Jedi Text 03.png

The Three Pillars of the Jedi--Force, Knowledge, and Self Discipline--encompass all that we can hope to do as Jedi and reinforce the precepts of the Jedi Code. Because the Force is in all things, it is rightfully set as the first pillar.

<Jedi Pillar Symbols Here>

                          THE FIRST PILLAR
                              The Force

I'll never forget my first lesson in this with Master Skywalker on Ahch-to. Our time together was brief, but its impact will resonate with me for the rest of my life. There are many definitions of what all things related to the Force 'are' throughout the galaxy. Those who've heard of it--but have no true understanding of it--will often say silly things about power and how its what lets a Jedi control people, and make things float. All of this is wrong.

The Force, is the core of the galaxy and all life within it. It is the balance of all things, between life and death, peace and violence, decay and birth. As Jedi we are graced with the gift of not only swimming in the flowing currents of the Force, but to get to breathe it, taste it and ride its currents to our unique destinies. As Jedi, take comfort in knowing that the galaxy around us is never cold and directionless.

The Force is larger than all of us, but it expresses itself in two aspects.

The Living Force is raw and close at hand. It is the life energy tingling around you when you pass among plants and animals in a walk through the forest. When beings die, you sense it through the Living Force. When many die at once, the loss of their energy may shock you, even knock you out. All of your tangible Force abilities--such as running, jumping, heightened senses, moving objects, or soothing the emotions of others--are techniques by which we become agents of this Living Force aspect.

The Unifying Force is a vast cosmic power. You may not sense it yet, but with patience and insight you will. The Unifying Force is the stars and galaxies, the rippling surface of of space and time. It is this voice that whispers of your destiny, and make no mistake--the Force does have a will. To commune with the Unifying Force is to temporarily leave your body behind, allowing you to walk in the past or see the future. Some of the ancients believe it is possible to even transcend death--and master Skywalker came to witness this to be true, as have I today.


You've come to learn now that the Force as an omnipresent balance of all things in existence, simultaneously existing as both a personal energy and as an imposing power through its Living and Unifying aspects. The dark side is not some "missing piece" of this. Do not be tricked into seeking it out, as it is every present around you already. The Force is a mountain rising from the water--the dark side is merely the submerged, scum-covered underside. If you choose to dive, the slime will trap and drown you within it. This is the fate of those who fall to greed, anger, hate and fear to fuel their training.

Passion lines the path to the dark side and must be avoided. Fear, anger, and hate are strong passions that will casue you to lose focus and to find appeal in the easy pleasures of the dark side. Love is also a strong passion and equally dangerous. Those who obsess over a parent, child, or lover devote all their energies toward the special object of their focus. The Jedi must serve all, not a select few out of bias for their personal standing.

The Jedi Order of old believed that attachments would lead to inevitable suffering, that the passion of holding onto those attachments would cause one to fall toward the dark side in order to vainly attempt to preserve their beloved attachment. Now? Today? We stand on new territory, as a growing Jedi, I see validation in what the old Jedi stood for with regard to all of this, but I also see Love as a strength that can build us up as a group. The balance, of how we love and how we deal with it, is where we have to be strongest. Our strength, as a group, will see us through any dark times... together.

                          THE SECOND PILLAR
Jedi Texts 04.jpg

This was describe by the Jedi teachers in the era of the Clone Wars as the most important of the three pillars and I can see that holding true today, for the reasons that they held in such high regard then, and because... its becoming increasingly more difficult to acquire, what with the Knights of Ren seeking out the Knowledge of the old Jedi and wishing to lay it to ruin. Now, more than ever, the Jedi are in need of finding the resources that were once plentiful to their training and learning, and bring them back to our safest locations, our new libraries, our new members, and into our minds so that we might utilize that information, to push back against their desire for the darkness to reign supreme.

This Pillar of the Jedi is currently where we are at our weakest that the Jedi Order has ever endured before. As of this compendium entry, we have had been working hard for over a year to recover as much knowledge as we're able to, and we've come a long way, but we've not even begun to scratch the surface of what was once held within the archieves of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (A location I've yet to get to see, the planet and the Temple).

The faraway world of <Redacted> is where the Jedi Order of today have been compiling what books, data cards, Holocrons and even artwork in hopes of acquiring more knowledge into our past. I, personally, have been working diligently to try to transcribe old documents that are corrupted or worn to near disrepair into a modern technologies and ways in which we can all consume them, and learn from them. I have been sorting them inside the Skywalker Academy's library the same as the Jedi of old sorted their own archives.

Section One: The History and Philosophies of the Jedi

Section Two: The Physical Sciences

Section Three: The Geography of the Galaxy

Section Four: Current Political Structure of the Galaxy

Section Five: The Nature and Diversity of All Living Things

It is our current duty, whilst training as Jedi Initiates and later as Knights and beyond, that we seek out additional resources to rebuild the Jedi Library into the Archieves of old. This may never be fully realized in any of our life times, but that is no reason not to start the task for others to someday further achieve.

If any of you, whilst on your travels, come across any knowledge resource that you believe could benefit our Library. Please acquire it and bring it to us, as through Knowledge, we will all grow stronger.

                          THE  THIRD  PILLAR

Without question the most popular of the Three Pillars of the Jedi Order due to the fact that it was, and still is, directly tied to achieving one's own personal Lightsaber. The collection of first hand accounts from teachers and Masters who specialized in this Pillar's training, described lines of students waiting outside of their classrooms for this very reason. A Jedi is recognized by their Lightsaber skills, and the weapon itself is recited in many sources as being the 'key to a Jedi's longevity'.

But a Jedi cannot earn a Lightsaber until they have shown aptitude in the first two Pillars, while the third requires adamant efforts in the sought after abilities of Meditative states.

Through Meditation a Jedi can find their center, their own inner balance, and from there their ability to wield a Lightsaber will become all the more potent. A Jedi Initiate should be meditating at least 5 times a day, but some Masters find ways to field more moments of meditation, believing that it will never have a down side to being as centered as absolutely possible.

Types of Mediation:

Empty Mediation - This is a state of deep meditation where one is likely in isolation from all outside distractions. This meditative state can purge your emotions and is ideal for those who are dealing with passion from attachments.

Moving Meditation - This is a form of meditation achieved while actively moving through your environment. This is surrounding yourself with a peaceful emotional state and is designed to raise your focus in the now, it is to purge the noise of the busy world around you. It is known to assist craftsman, historians and combatants.

Rising Meditation - Another form of Meditation typically achieved in isolation. Rising meditation is a meditative state where a Jedi may literally levitate into the air above where they were seated, and through this state they can connect with the Unifying Force to see visions of the future, the present, or the past. Prophecies are born in this state of meditation, achieved by Masters in the Order.

These types of Meditation are the goals to achieve an inner peace that can lead our members to become prepared for what is to come next in their training. The creation and acquisition of their own Lightsaber.


Jedi Texts 05.jpg

I remember stories of the Jedi when I was a child, even on Jakku people would talk about them now and then. I used to be tasked with bringing buckets of water from the well to the animal pens in Niima Outpost, and I can recall one specific day where I was pouring the buckets into the animal troughs when a couple of spacers walked past. I couldn't have been more than eleven standard years old at that time, but I remember following them back into Niima's marketplace. I was following them because they were talking about Jedi, Luke Skywalker and lightsabers. One of them claimed to have found a functional lightsaber. He said that it could cut through anything, that he'd tested it on ever material and substance he could think of it and it split every one of them into pieces.

I recall thinking how... magical that sounded, a weapon that had no boundaries on the damage it could do to your enemies. Back then, I had a fair amount of anger and no few enemies that I thought I could defend myself perfectly against... if only _I_ had such a weapon. Eventually I came to believe it was all just a myth though, something drunken spacers would tell one another just to impress each other.

Now I know otherwise, as do all of you reading this.

In Luke's journal, he detailed how a Lightsaber was more than just a mere weapon. It was a tool that a Jedi can, and will, use to save their life potentially more than even once in their time. That the saber's abilities to deflect blaster bolts can create a shield in a pinch, far more reliably than the difficult shielding powers that one may never even be able to Master as a Jedi. That the blade of a lightsaber can cut doors in walls, where otherwise no route to one's goal may exist and I've personally decided that I like to think of my own saber, is just that... a reliable tool that I might use to keep myuself--and others--alive or safer with. A 'weapon' is an aggressive way to describe, something I believe the Knights of Ren would prefer to refer to their own as.

In the height of the Jedi Order's power, the Lightsaber was something not earned until a Jedi Initiate became a Padawan beneath the guidance of a Jedi Knight or Master. It was after an extensive period of using a Jedi Training Saber, or Stun Saber that an Initiate would gain their own true Lightsaber, and this could sometimes take years.

We... need protection and safety now though, more than ever. This is why I personally am not shying away from the students in our Order to advance their Lightsaber creation, as swiftly as possible. But as each of you who have earned one knows, we still need you to practice, practice, practice, before the final lessons on how to create your own blade can be given.

                                THE  LIGHTSABER
                              Practices and Forms

The first practice that a Jedi Initiate will begin to train is referred to as their 'sevinte cadence' and it is with this form that a Jedi will swing their blade for an invisible figure and target before them. The will strike in a repeated pattern of hitting their target in this pattern.

Left Arm: Right Arm: Head / Neck: Right Leg: Left Leg:

The goal of this exercise is to get so good at the control of your saber in your hand that you can perform this attack on a real person and not deliver a single blow to their body and limbs. You will control your swings and stop them a hands breadth before they impact. This practice will show your trainer that you have a great amount of understanding on how your saber has become an extension of your own body's movement.

I have practiced this for a year now, and thankfully my martial training on Jakku has helped serve to lend me some understanding of what to expect here. I have provided holo-tutorials of this in the library at the Skywalker Academy.

Please do not attempt to practice this with a real lightsaber on a real living person. I would prefer even those who have built a lightsaber, use a Stunsaber to practice this exercise with others.

Your ability to master your Sevinte Cadence is your gateway to learning and mastering the first Form of the Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat. I, myself, have only begun to feel confident in this first form and though I intend to practice the rest, I do believe that Form I--as the journals I have recovered say--is the most balanced and fairest form of Lightsaber styles.

Form I is consistently described as the 'foundation of all lightsaber combat' and it is said to be the ideal form for basic structure in offense and defense. It is not the greatest for dueling other lightsaber opponents, and it is not the greatest for deflecting fire from those wielding a blaster, but it is a balance for both of those things as an overall.

This is why each of you must learn Form I and learn it with the others within the Academy as well. Because together, you must practice this form and duel each other in it. Through your practicing of the Sevinte Cadences you can now perform them on one another in a duel. These practice duels are referred to as 'Velocities'. You and your sparring partner will face off with one another and begin to execute the form, attacking and defending, moving faster and faster until you have reached a point where you must tap out by calling out 'Solah'. This word is Jedi tradition and is language dating back to Tython's first Force Seers. It roughly translates to 'Peace' in Galactic Basic.To 'win' at a Velocities Duel is to disarm your opponent however, by using a Stunsaber, deliver a strike that causes them to lose their own Stun blade, or to call out the mercy word.

Training Remotes are the small spherical objects that fire stunning 'sting' blasts at you as you duel. These can be found in the Skywalker Academy training room and are essential for you to learn to defend yourself from blaster bolts, something specialized in later forms, Form V specifically, that we will cover later.

However, my favorite quote that I've discovered with regard to these Lightsaber Forms is this...

"Aggression is never the way of the Jedi. More fundamental than Form I--is Form Zero. Find a non-violent solution to any problem that you encounter, for the best lightsaber, is the one that remains sheathed."

I really hope you all take that quote to heart. I believe it is the key to saving and preserving lives.


Jedi Texts 06.jpg

There are new few words to describe my happiness to see everyone in this new Order reach a point of training and practice where they're capable of creating a lightsaber of their own. This is a momentousness step in what we're doing here, trying to rebuild a new era of Jedi Knights to secure peace and justice in the galaxy.

The first time I wielded the lightsaber that I have now, was a moment in my life that I will never forget. The fear of the unknown, the excitement of how right it felt and the sheer... stress of what I knew was about to come next, my first confrontation with another Force User, far more experienced than I with a saber. I've seen had to entirely rebuild that very same lightsaber, after researching the process of how it all works. All the components that go into making your own weapon and tool of the Jedi Order.

Many describe the Jedi Order of the old era as one that was too strict on its members individuality, and I see some merit in those arguments but I also acknowledge the reasons for the rules, that they were created to try to keep Jedi from falling to the dark.

The Lightsaber, however, was a way to express creativity and one's individuality. The materials you use, the design that you put them to and the final arrangement of it all is truly a symbolic representation of... you.

These are the standard elements of a standard blade design, and where each piece is generally located within all Lightsabers.

<Lightsaber Schematic of Parts Here>

Generally your first lightsaber will be the one that most closely follows the above schematic and design. It is rare for a young Jedi to ever create anything more elaborate or detailed than this. Though after Knighthood it was often a normalcy for a Jedi Knight to wish to go back to the Lightsaber design phase and work out a more unique and complex arrangement and housing for a new Lightsaber blade. Generally they would only bring the Crystal from their original design, into a new one. I may yet design my own unique blade someday, when things calm down (one can hope) more in the years to come.

I have provided examples of more unique Lightsaber designs in picture and holo form within the Library at the Skywalker Academy. From the far more ornate designs that the former member Ax Bjin'ax had created, to a double bladed lightsaber design recovered from a fallen member of the Knights of Ren.

As I have said before in this compendium, we are in a strange time as of writing this. A time where Lightsabers are a necessity earlier than in the training days of the old Jedi Order. Our members need to get to a place in their practice that they're capable of wielding one of these weapons and tools, as soon as possible, because we are more vulnerable of an Order than ever before in the Jedi's storied history.

I am here to help any of you should you have questions or concerns, and if not me... then another member of the Order who has created their own blade thus far.


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A Home is something that we all inherently seek to find. A Home can be a place where we we can rest our weary hearts, a place to find comfort and recovery. A Home to the Jedi Order is something we all equally desire, but in our current state of affairs we must always know that whatever home we may find, claim and come to care for... it can be lost at a moment's notice.

All throughout the galaxy there are lost Jedi Temples, scars of the past horrors that befell the Order during its darkest days. In our time today, we must find and investigate these remains to put the pieces of the shattered Order back together as closely as we can, to find it's flaws and weaknesses that lead to its inevitable demise and to better ensure that such a thing never occurs again. This is the basic core principles of History. To research it, to piece it together as accurately possible, to learn from it and push ourselves to never repeat its mistakes.

With our success in finding a partially still-intact Jedi Temple hub on Devaron, I've decided to offer more of my findings on other temples. Through contacts from General Organa, and others who've stepped forward to volunteer information in hopes of being allies with a future Jedi Order we have some information on other locations that were once Jedi training grounds. Here is what I have...
Location: Designation: Condition of:
Coruscant - Primary Jedi Temple - Unknown (Visibly still Intact)
Dantooine - Jedi Enclave - Abandoned / Overgrown / Dangerous
Devaron - Temple of Eedit - Badly Damaged (Being Explored)
D'Qar - Jedi Temple / Luke's - Abandoned / Overgrown / Dangerous
Jedha - Force Churches - Practicing / Active (Likely Misguided)
Kamparas - Jedi Lorekeeper Temple - B.H.G. Training Facility (Unverified)
Obroa-skai - Jedi Consular Academy - Destroyed (Unverified)
Ossus - Jedi Historical Museum - Rumored (Unverified)
Ruusan - Unknown - Unknown (Unverified)
Sluis Van - Fallen Jedi Temple - Abandoned (Unverified)
Socorro - Jedi Guardian Temple - Destroyed (Unverified)
Sullust - Jedi Sentinel Academy - Rumored (Unverified)
Telos - Jedi Academy / Relics - B.H.G. Training Facility (Unverified)
Tython - Jedi Temple - Intact / Damaged / Guarded by Locals
Yavin IV - Massassi Temple - Abandoned / Lightsaber Workshop Intact

As you can see, there is much work left to be done to explore and find answers to the Jedi Order of the past. But each site comes with its own challenges, and not simply because of the natural environments that some of these Temples are located within (Obroa-Skai looks very cold), but also because of the nature of what might be occupying these sites today, let alone having to rediscover their exact locations once again.

There's much to be done, and if you discover any more potential locations, please make sure to come to me with any and all information you've obtained. Remember not to explore these sites without additional backup accompanying you, as we all have witnessed just how many dangers exist out there in what we've explored together so far.

The galaxy is a massive, wondrous collection of stars and planets, and though much was lost during Emperor Palpatine's purge of the Jedi Order I believe there are yet many things left for us to find.