Rheisa Dirleel

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Rheisa Dirleel

Race: Togruta
Sex: Female
Profession: Artist
Homeworld: Shili
Organization: Independent
Ship: None

Village Life

Early Years

Rheisa Dirleel was born in the year 1085, 14 years after the definitive Battle of Yavin. One of three children born to her mother’s (Uoda) union with her father(Kosys), Rheisa did also have two older siblings, sired by a previous father. As the second-born of her full-blooded cohort, little Reheisa was frequently caught between patterning after her older sister(Nesaa) and toying with her younger brother(Ahudeek). Nuclear Family

Her tribe was sizeable enough, rarely lacking for able-bodied hunters and doers, and had long-ago established a semi-permanent settlement in the forest valley, near the brushy rim of the grasslands. It was a risky location, particularly during Akul breeding seasons, when the beasts roamed their foul temperaments further than usual. A secondary village was constructed as a fallback option, deeper into the heart of the forests.

Her mother’s uncle(Dakryn Vi) was pack leader at time of her birth, and while this band of Togruta tended to eschew favoritism, as is customary, having such a close blood tie to pack leader may have gifted, at least for a time, one advantage to little Rheisa. The gift of unity and prolonged chance of life. It was clear not long after her birth year that Rheisa faced a difficult road to adulthood – if it could be reached at all. She was a bit slower to grow, despite healthy appetite, and tired more easily than the other children. She underwent mandatory familiarization with traditional weapons and their uses, as her size permitted, but spent a greater deal of time contributing her share of work towards tasks less physically demanding. Tending the younger children, weaving stories and songs to keep them amused and out of trouble. She also showed great craftsmanship when helping to repair village structures, traps, and dared to dabble in the arts, often responsible for adorning the garments of others.

The culprit to blame for her decreasing stamina was her heart. What began as an innocuous, congenital murmur worsened as she aged. The weakened muscle struggled to keep pace with her body’s growth and activity levels, often leaving her short of breath and easily tired. Her frail constitution earned her permanence of an infantile nickname, “Tazi”, meaning ‘baby’ or ‘little one’. Rheisa’s passing through adolescence and into adulthood was not easily achieved, but her adeptness with snares and trap design, as well as with the bow, allowed her to skirt by on hunts with less brawn and conserve energy. Still, adopting this more passive predator’s strategy was not without its own inherent risks. While setting a snare in a grass run between thimiar nests, the teenage Togruta suffered injury to her left eye. The contraption triggered prematurely in a movement too quick for even nimble little Rheisa to avert, and in an instant the damage was done.


Familial ties and willingness to overlook the obvious had carried her so far, but the current pack leader who permitted her continued travel with the tribe was aging and ill. The time for a new leader would soon be at hand, and the strongest candidate, she sensed, was not to be her ‘ally’ in the silent debate. A devout traditionalist, Asusir didn’t hide his disdain for Rheisa’s debilitating defect, or the history of leniency.

Possessing a witty personality and nurturing instincts were desirable enough traits for a Togruta woman to have, but did not make up for genetic weakness. He, as did Rheisa and the rest of the tribe, knew she’d never be chosen for mating. Even if someone did risk binding to her, she’d surely not survive the creation of offspring. So while her cohorts began to pair off, she was left alone to shrug off the hurt of watching a close friend - the male /she/ had interest in - be bonded to another female. One who was healthy.

When Asusir did assume leadership over the tribe, his first act was to organize another hunt, and thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to showcase Rheisa’s weakness. Rheisa viewed it as her final chance to prove mastery over her body and defy the faulty ticker inside her chest. To fail meant being left behind and being left behind meant death would come for her. If she did succeed, then maybe she deserved to spend more time among the living and keep the spirit world at bay just a little longer.

Rheisa devised a plan she felt was feasible – a way to bait and conquer an Akul without having to battle the beast toe-to-toe. Her proposition was accepted, with the condition that it be her turn to guide the akul – keep its interest and lead it into the trap. She’d have to rely on her same two legs to keep herself out of harm’s range, too. One way or another, Asusir felt this plan would free the tribe of its weak link. Rheisa hoped it’d only forge her place. In the end, Rheisa’s intentions were in vain and nature dictated as it always does – the weak shall be culled.

The pit used was an old one, simply refortified and furnished with newly shaven stakes. The akul was easy to lure, as it never takes much convincing for the beast to give chase. Sadly, Rheisa's poor stamina would bring a grim end to this hunt. Her jump fell short. Both hunter and hunted crashed through the fragile mats and into the momentary abyss. Rheisa struck bottom first, managing to avoid /most/ of the skewers. The beast was impaled thrice over upon its landing, side and hip pierced through and through. Rheisa did manage to break her own leg free of its impalement and, by the grace of something greater than her, dodged enough of the swiping claws to drive a few broken arrows through the akul’s skull before slitting its throat. The hunt was over, but so was Rheisa’s time as a viable member of her tribe. As anticipated, the hunt left her with grievous wounds and while not dead yet, it was only a matter of time before she’d be reabsorbed into Shili’s womb. The group moved on two days later. Rheisa was left with a small shelter and gifts of food and water – more ceremonial than practical.

A New Life

Little more than 48 hours passed before an unexpected visitor interfered with Rheisa’s passing. A young Jedi, having been living life on the run since chaos struck the Order, experienced a little mechanical malfunction while attempting a stopover on Shili. Maybe was as simple as faulty tech, but maybe was something more mysterious at work. Whatever the case, Jarin discovered the wounded Togruta in time to reverse her journey towards death and arranged for her transport off world for treatment of the worst affliction – her heart. Log:Rheisa's Rescuer's Journal Jarin did not accompany her on the transport. Rather, she was picked up by an old 'friendly', en route from Ord to Nar Shaddaa to rendezvous with eyes on the ground investigating a slavery ring with 'dark' origins. The plan was to make their rendezvous, then return with the Togruta to Ord Mantel and get her the medical intervention needed to resolve the potentially fatal defect.

Rheisa had been given leave from the ship with a rookie to keep 'watch' over her while the Intel agents went in search of their contact. Unfortunately, the starport erupted in a wave of violence soon after their arrival. On the surface, it appeared to be a riot. Rheisa found herself suddenly separated from the young officer as she was admiring some artistic creations sold by a mobile vendor. The vendors - a couple named Veela and Qo - snatched the confused and frightened Rheisa out of the rapidly growing chaos and spirited her away to safer streets. Their timing was almost too perfect to be coincidental. Unable to relocate his assigned charge, the 'rook reunited with his crew and informed them of the blunder. Rather than stick around and risk blowing cover to relocate the charity case Togruta, the team took flight as per their schedule and returned to Ord. Promises were made by eyes remaining on-ground to watch over Rheisa, perhaps reclaim her if/when opportunity arose.

Since then, she's befriended the crew of the CR-90, Corellian Phantom and some other interesting souls, including an Echani brother duo, whom she worked for during a several month stint. While under their employ, she unknowingly served as a ruse, curating the Muse, which was merely a front for the Shadow Syndicate org. She lived primarily with Qo and Veela, helping to rear their 3 children while contributing to their art business, until very recently. After assisting the Defiance group in rescuing slaves from Carnovia, Rheisa has an adopted son, Umak, to look after. She stays full time with Raim Shah now, taking advantage of the greater protection his home can offer, and giving Umak some sort of male influence. Also, after a devastating encounter with FO troops on Nar Shaddaa cost Raim his legs and more, she assisted with his daily care as needed. She herself was not entirely whole, suffering from heart failure, and was due to receive a transplant soon. Raim and Rheisa were a couple for a about a year, though the definition of their relationship differed a bit in either's perspective.

The fall of the Republic and destruction of Hosnian Prime was a catalyst for great upset in the galaxy, but for Rheisa it brought many changes. Raim was unluckily in the system on business during the Starkiller's attack and days later an automated message from his droid to Rheia played a pre-recorded vid of Raim's instructions for division of his assets in the untimely event of his death.

Rheisa was suddenly quite rich. She sold Raim's ships but kept the apartment. With the proceeds from the ship sales she was able to at long last afford the trip to Coruscant to begin the tissue cloning required to build her new heart. A couple months later she went under the knife and - as she tells it - died, only to awake into a second life.


Shadow Syndicate - She was a member, serving as the innocent, unknowing public face of the organization by curating the Muse gallery, which was a front for syndicate activity.

The Lost Circus - Rheisa lends her talents there on occasion, and has helped transfer liberated slaves to its safe harbor for new life.

Defiance - Vector Control, designated look-out and survival guide, friend.

Art Gallery - She curates the 'Muse' and has recently become its official owner. Contact her for special events you'd like to hold at the venue or if you'd like to sell/buy some art.

Shili - Very much native. Only been living in the outside world a couple years.

Art Guild - She's an artist and works with a very diverse array of media. Wood, stone, clay, fur, bone, hair...

Hutt Cartel - She, along with other Defiance members, liberated an eel farm and she scored an adopted kid out of the deal. Also, Eebua once tried to woo her allegiance to serve as curator for his personal collection. She turned him down. "Politely", of course. But, maybe Eebua's not the kind to lose sight of what he wants so easily. Recently, she collaborated (willingly) with Eebua to host another charity event at the Muse, to raise funds for a starport/home rebuild, following a devastating attack on the port.

First Order - You wearin' white? She was recently abused and shot by a squad of FO troops. Also, another encounter involving some heavier firepower ruined a Defiance attempt to scavenge armor off dead troopers, which blew her "mate" in half. While skeptical before of their intentions on the smuggler's moon, she's definitely fostered a sense of dislike for them now.

Anything - if you can think it up, I bet I can figure a way to logically make it happen between us.

Folk Lore

In this section, I'll be adding little stories of native folk lore that Rheisa has in her memory.

How Togruta 'earned' their stripes

Togruta 12 Days of Christmas


Carbonite 'rescue'

<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "Until they're all thawed, we have walls of slaves lining our hangar"

<Defiance> Rheisa Dirleel swipes one for the gallery.

<Defiance> Chuga ba Hex says, "Rheisa takes one, doesn't understand there's a person in there, no one figures it out for several years"

<Defiance> Rheisa Dirleel says, "Raim, I need batteries, this cool light stopped blinking."

<Defiance> Chuga ba Hex says, "Just put tape over it."

<Defiance> Chuga ba Hex says, "That's how you fix blinking lights."

Tavers 2.0?

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel says, "Not as terrible a decoration as the fertility charm she made for Ax and Kadi as a wedding gift."

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel says, "...which has yet to pan out. I think it's broken, the damn thing."

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel demands more surrogate children.

-(OOC)- Sapphira Tavers says, "I mean, I can always pop out a little Bookshelf Tavers"

-(OOC)- Sapphira Tavers says, "If that's what you really want, Rhe"

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel feels conflicted on this.

-(OOC)- Tarion Tavers says, "Nope" -(OOC)- Tarion Tavers says, "Nope nope nope"

Concern and Intrigue

"And who is this Mr. Voss?" Jonn asks of the newly-arrived Togruta. A drunk, apparently, according to Valko. He looks between the two aliens with concern and intrigue.

-(OOC)- Valko says, "That's really the best way to look between these two aliens, not gonna lie"

-(OOC)- Jonn Hardy says, "I feel like if a race war starts, I'm going to be at a distinct disadvantage."

-(OOC)- Valko says, "If there's a race war, it's probably between me and her, really."

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel nods grimly

-(OOC)- Jonn Hardy says, "I side, as always, with the proletariat."

-(OOC)- Valko says, "Dammit." -(OOC)- Valko says, "I'm pretty sure I'm the bourgeoisie"

-(OOC)- Jonn Hardy puts on a false moustache while the two of you aren't looking.

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel gets /really/ confused and a little scared by it.

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel then decides maybe edible caterpillar.

Raim Dance

Valko Tosha (Val) pages: I'm drunk and touching her, it's the Raim summoning dance

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel says, "lol, it's like a togruta house of cards. Nobody breathe and probably they'll stay standing."

Valko Tosha tests his Constitution skill at a 120 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-34).

You test your Constitution skill at a 120 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-37).

-(OOC)- Valko Tosha says, "We're shitfaced."

-(OOC)- Rheisa Dirleel snnnnnnnnnnnzzzzzz into Val's shoulder, on the floor