Rieve Selki

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Clad in traditional garb

tur conter ti'doro nui - brightness guard you against the night

Rieve does not expect to return to the Hapes Cluster, nor find himself welcomed all that warmly for the duties he shunned. Yet on balance, Rieve wouldn't have done anything differently as he found himself independent of the trials and tribulations of the courtly world of Hapes. His title no more, what courtly power he once wielded gone, Rieve is most assuredly the Black Sheep of the family as he entered what was often respectfully referred to as the "Fifth Profession".

nia'n cor - heart of sun

Rieve's path has taken him all across the galaxy, in service to those who desire such a companion, and to those in the know, in service to the Resistance. Often found at high society events, supporting those he serves with the utmost devotion. His role to see them shine, for them to bask in enjoyment of the moment, and to know that they aren't alone, even when surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces.

avo tur'jeu erenedi - have a bright day without equal

A dancer? A messenger? An Emissary? Courtesan. There's a good many tags and roles that have been borne by Rieve's shoulders. His hands have stemmed wounds and cradled the finest crystal in equal measure.

Kurh'n'nor - Fifth Son

Rieve is certainly a skilled dancer, and has on many an occasion offered lessons, or simply the companionship and fun of the dance floor. A variety of different dances are tucked beneath his belt, and these are a few.

Alderaan Weaver's Reel - A swift dance that originated from the mating rituals of Alderaan's Weaving clans. Involves a twirling mass of swiftly shifting partners and positions.

The Corellian Cheek-Step - It involves some measure of wiggling of ones posterior in the air.

Karuki - An artform of movement.

Whirling Kavadango Dance - A tumultuous flurry of movement and Dervish-like motion.

Boxnov-Three Step - A waltz.

There are a good many more, with larger and more intricate reels, waltzes, tangos, and artful motion. There is always a dance for the occasion, both formal and otherwise.

The Rebellion

When Chandrila fell just over 15 years ago, Rieve was one of many caught up in events during that day. Having arrived to visit a client who had sought fencing lessons, all was apparently going well. The events unfolded over the giant viewscreens in the city, with panic soon following as Sith troops landed and set about violently quelling any resistance. Rieve himself was caught up in the fray as he and hundreds of other civilians were herded towards the space port and fired upon, even getting shot himself. Drawing his weapon to hand, pretty much his only connection to his former life, a strikingly blue vibrosword, Rieve cut down two Sith troopers before finding himself aboard The Ghost, and evacuated from Chandrila into the hell of a space battle of such epic proportions. It was then that Rieve sought to join the Rebellion.

Rieve's own cell is based out of Chandrila, doing what they can here and there. His duties and actions have seen him rise in rank within the Rebellion, and it is indeed a point of pride for the Hapan courtesan and former noble of Hapes. He might not see a change in his lifetime, but perhaps in the next oui?