Rip Recker

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Rip is the Captain to Clarion's Call, a large medium freighter with some reputation in the smuggling circles. He spends his time moving cargo for credits. It's nothing particularly interesting, or so he'd like people to think..


Rip has a handsome face that's comprised of a maintained beard, lively expressions, bright eyes, and an easy smile. His hair is long, and his clothing is nice. He has no qualities that are particularly noteworthy, he just seems to be another face in the crowd.

The Captain

The Ship

YT-2550 is a medium freighter from the CEC YT-series. It is approximately 65.9 meters in length and has a maximum atmospheric speed of 100 MGLT. It carries a 1.0 Hyperdrive and has a full complement of shielding and navigation system. The ship itself can be handled by as little as a crew of one. Its cargo space holds 400 metric tons and can hold up to a month of consumables.

The ship also is fitted with weapons in the form of six heavy laser cannons. The Clarion's Call has a white hull with blue accents.


Name Crew
Eriu Jynx "Clueless sometimes, and beautiful. Her penchant for trouble nearly outweighs her usefulness, but her smile makes it worthwhile."
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Rip's known associates range over quite a few known and unknown entities. Ranging from criminal organizations to that of his very own crew. The other associates that do not breathe oxygen would be his BlasTech DL-44 called 'Black Heart' and a Caelli-Merced Series III named 'Last Rites'

Name Quote
Eriu Jynx "Member of the crew who has a lot of potential. Also works with the Black Suns."
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