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Riduawa was born on Csilla and raised there by her mother and father, though her dad was away often on missions family is important and time was made for her. Her father was a career military man, it seemed to go in the family since her uncle too was in the military and his son, her cousin too! Riduawa's dad always wanted her to go military ground, a soldier, she had the reflexes for it but her mother insisted she go navy and work on being an officer instead. Mom won the debate. Growing up she was pretty popular, known as sweet and well behaved but it didn't stop her from doing what she had to to get what she wanted. Her cousin, Keomeash always seemed to break the rules but he worked harder to make up for it, she always admired him, he was nice to her.

A pivotal moment for Riduawa was when she was a teenager, just 17, her and her friends were out on the town, causing trouble, this was her cousins idea, he always liked to cause trouble and lead people into a rough time, tonight they were going to the other side of the city where some of the other kids had been taunting their group. A scuffle broke out pretty quick, and ended soon after with a few bloody noses and the other kids running but security showed up before they could get away themselves, as if the other kids knew security was on its way. Keo totally covered for her, helped her sneak down a side alley and distracted the cops, he caught hell for it but Keo never seemed to take it hard, he just worked twice as hard to make up for it. After that she's always appreciated her cousin Keo.

Riduawa values her position, rank, her future, she loves what she does and new avenues have opened up for her to see the galaxy! Something she's excited about but she also isn't sure about the aliens, she's lived around Chiss her whole life and alien species are an unknown variable to her. Still the more she learns about them the better she can do her job, know your enemy and all that. Of course when she can get an assignment with her cousin it makes things even better! There's no one she trusts more so there's quite a bit of value there too.

Riduawa's goal is to become a respected officer, she wants those medals, those commendations, she wants to show how good she is, her talents and skills, she wants things to go well, she really wants to make friends with her crew and be on good terms with everyone, and she really wants to impress her cousin who she can finally serve with. Riduawa knows that to get places you have to not just be good at what you do now but you need to learn new things, that's how you go from just a bridge officer to the Xo and to captain someday.

Riduawa is a Chiss Naval Officer, specifically a bridge officer, in the Chiss Ascendency. She is responsible for supervising operation and maintenance of a ships signals and radio transmitters and receivers. She is also responsible for encrypting and decrypting secret message traffic and for distribution and safe storage of secret messages. Right now she is assigned under the command of her cousin Keomeash, helping him getting things gathered for their crew. They had served together before but seems fate has brought them back together.

However it seems life was not going the way that was planned out for her. During her missions on Tatooine and Nar Shadda, it seems that fate has befallen the young woman. Due to complications, her was kicked from the Ascendancy and exiled from the society. Yet she was not alone. The friends she made in the Mando'a told her that she would never be alone....and thus she was adopted by Maeti of Clan Distayre and became Riwa. This young woman has begun to blossom into who /she/ was meant to be and not what she was told to be or expected to be.

RP Hooks

Diplomat In Training: Needless to say, she's been trained to be a diplomat and bred to join the military since birth. She'll make sure everyone gets what they want in the most amicable way possible.


OOC & IC Shenanigans