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White hair curtains the young woman's shoulders, the waist-length mane bound and teased into dozens of pale dreadlocks. The shade is too stark to appear natural, and with eyebrows left dark, some sort of color manipulation seems likely. Light-green eyes are lined with what appears to be kohl, the heavy accent creating an abrupt contrast. A pair of black studs pierce her cheeks, creating dimples that glint with any curve of her lips. There is a septum ring in her nose, inconspicuous enough to be missed in passing, but almost always present. The remainder of the studs, hoops, and spikes come and go depending on the day, alternating between lower lip, right eyebrow, and the curve of either ear.

What is visible of her skin is pale ivory, but the tone seems to be waging a losing battle against tattoo ink. Vividly colored artwork covers the much of her neck, chest, and left arm, depicting an ever-growing weave of designs that only the artist herself could explain. The conglomeration of geometric patterns, flowers, and tech may seem chaotic, but even to a layman's eye, it is clear that the ink was applied with skill. Her clothing is drab by comparison, a nondescript assortment of black on black that does little to accentuate her slender 5'3" frame. Shirts tend to be sleeveless and low-cut, either chosen or modified to best display the tattoo work across her neck, chest, and shoulders. The wardrobe is underwhelming, but with the sheer amount of ink and piercings already adorning her upper half, anything more would clutter the aesthetic.

RP Hooks

Overview: Apart from her penchant for scowling and an overabundance of tattoo work, Rook has managed to stay off of the public radar. The -legal- public radar, anyway. There are word-of-mouth rumors that the woman is a free-lance body artist, should someone go looking, but no 'official' advertising. Her involvement with the local drug circles is considerably more clandestine, but like anything on Nar Shaddaa, it's all a matter of asking the right person.

Body Art: The decoration, adornment or modification of the living body. Techniques include tattooing, piercing, cutting, branding, stretching, and scarring the skin. She may be commissioned ICly to adapt existing artwork, or to create new original designs. If the liability waver is signed, she'll probably give it a go. (OOC Note: Original artwork is created IC only. I'm happy to help with written descriptions or finding reference images online.)

Drug Dealer: While relatively new to Nar Shaddaa's criminal underbelly, Rook is slowly but surely building herself a steady customer base. She has access to a wide variety of illicit substances, and if a requested drug isn't already on-hand, odds are she knows where to find it. For the right price.

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