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Theme Song

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads


Rosh has spent the majority of his life alone. Born a few short years before the Galactic Civil War on the planet of Uba IV. Living on the poisoned, irradiated planet, the young Ubese was ingrained with an intense hatred of the Republic; the government that scarred the face of Uba IV, and completely destroyed Uba I-III in an a preemptive strike against the quickly-developing race.

Raised with this hatred, Rosh was set upon a militant path. Like the rest of his race, Rosh had a natural interest in technology, spending hours upon hours breaking things apart and piecing them back together.

His childhood was spent learning to fend for himself; especially in regards to the maintenance and upkeep of his armor. An Ubese is quick to die without properly sealed armor, after all. He eventually moved off-planet and towards the Core where he would find work as a slicer, mechanic, and bounty hunter. It was a decent way to make money, but the risks were high, so he relocated to the Outer Rim. Nar Shaddaa, specifically. It was a paradise for him. He took jobs from just about every employer on the Smuggler's Moon, and carved a comfortable life out for himself.


This humanoid stands about around six feet and three inches. It's honestly hard to tell anything about him, apart from his gender which is apparent from the deeper vocoded tone that's apparent when he speaks. He's wearing the standard helmet of the Ubese race; a large horizontal ruby visor with a big protruding rebreather.

He's wearing the traditional garb of an Ubese Raider; impact armor for his neck and chest, a sturdy-looking Ogydian cloak, and a pair of shata leather pants. Across his chest, he's wearing a bandolier full of pouches, detonators, and various other sundries. Over it all, he's wearing a large, gray duster with a padded collar and detachable hood that's large enough to be raised over his headgear to protect the technology from the elements.


Boisterous in comparison to other members of his race, Rosh lives to entertain himself and make sure that he's taken good care of. He's not above flying into fits of rage, however; especially when talking about the Republic.

The People

Hex - He pay.

Kasia Ashkuri - Pretty lady. No pay.

RP Hooks

Bounty Hunter - If you need someone tracked down and killed, Rosh is your man.

Dimestore Engineer - Owing to the Ubese race's fascination with technology; Rosh is exceptional at breaking into places his shouldn't be, tinkering with engines, and setting off explosives.