Russ Ordo

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Russ stands at 6'1" and is compactly muscled built for both speed and power. Although this cannot always be seen as he is almost always covered from almost head to toe in his heavily customised Mandalorian armour. Coloured largely in black edged with polished silver the armour is obviously made to be as lightweight as possible while still providing with protection to his vital areas. A couple of antennas rise from the right side of his helmet and an extra targetting visor rests over left side of his t-visor.

When he removes his the first thing many people notice are the dark blue eyes, quickly followed by the deep scar running up one cheek and the short pale red hair. He is often seen with a shit eating grin on his face that seems to liven up those around him. Laughter lines crease the corner of his eyes and his cheeks are dimpled beneath the permanant stubble that covers his face. He is definitly not the prettiest man this side of the galaxy, but most would call him ruggedly handsome at the least.


I spent most of his childhood doing what many True Mandalorian children do, train. I was not some prodigy, I fought and trained for all my weapon skills. I spent many late nights studying different species and factions their tactics and the make up of their militaries. I excelled amongst my peers through pure grit and hard work. The only thing that kept me going was a dream, an impossible dream. The dream that one day the Mandalorian people would return to the spotlight and finally be seen on the galactic scene again.

Even when I reached my mid and late teens I did not lose sight of my goal. I just tempered it with realism and experience. I could see now just how long the path was to return the Mandalorian people to what they once were, to even be a fraction of the grandiose tales i ad heard might well take my lifetime to accomplish. Slowly i managed to find people of similar mind to mine, people who were as sick as I was of seeing Mandalorians being great and feared on the personal level and all but ignored on the galactic. We forged ties and started to come up with the framework of a plan, a plan to hopefully raise our people from a consortium of loosely affiliated mercenaries and clans into a united and potentially feared fighting force and culture. I kept up my training and earned my armour through sweat, blood and determination.

To this point it has been a hard but good life. A life full of purpose and determination. My goal is not so much in sight yet, but i have learned through my training that if you lower your head and charge at anything hard enough it will bow before you. Now all i have to do to succeed and bring about my vision is keep charging on, myself and all my Mandalorian brothers and sisters who share my goal. We will not bow and we will not be stopped. We are an idea and ideas never die, but we can certainly kill you.


Russ Ordo heads the Mandalorian Revivers, a group dedicated to bringing the Mandalorians back to the galactic spotlight. He has read the great histories of his people, looked at all the great heroes and can no longer accept the current state of the Mandalorians. He will do whatever it takes to make the name Mandalorian really mean something again.

RP hooks

  • Mandalorian Revivers: Russ is the leader of the organisation.
  • Mercenery: All Organizations need money, and Mandalorians are very good at waging war. The Revivers are the best there are.
  • Diplomat: Russ is also a well spoken diplomat when times require it. He can be both your sword and voice all at once.