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Theme Song

Oh, the night is my world. City light, painted girl.


Ryo Odessa's parents were such a non-factor that it's better to not even mention them. Orphaned at a young age during the civil war on Fest, Ryo and his younger sibling had to learn to make due. They bounced around inside the system for a while; never quite finding the right match with their foster families. So, as with most stories that start like this; they ran. Stowed away on a cruise liner, the two of them ended up on Socorro.

It was here on this lawless planet that Ryo thrived. Not incredibly smart, but overly charming, Ryo started running shell games on the street for money; ending up in trouble time and time again. Between this and his penchant for finding loose change in strangers' pockets, the young Festian began to develop quite a reputation. Trask Boone, One of the local crime bosses got word that Ryo was stealing from him and gave him the choice between losing a hand, or working at one of his casinos. Ryo chose the latter.

Ryo would work as a card-shark and ringer for Trask for a long long time; nearly a decade, in fact, before the old man would die. His son, Wardon, was less fond of Ryo, and went on to make his life hell.

Fed up with the constant harassment, Ryo packed up and left while he had the chance. He went on to spend the next twenty years of his life grifting his way across the galaxy. What's he looking for out there? He's not sure.

Recent Events

So, Ryo did what Ryo always does and got himself into debt with a gross slug. This time it was Ooda the Lugubrious, a Hutt bookie that operates out of Nar Shaddaa. A couple of bad bets on the swoop circuit and Ryo ran up a sizable tab. In an effort to avoid being chained to that particulat slug in a metal bikini, Ryo booked passage to Tatooine and laid low for a while before Hex and Kasia Ashkuri found him and decided that he owed them something, too. Considering that they're a sight prettier than Ooda and their butts are slightly smaller, Ryo's found work with them for the time being. He also managed to finance a ship through Quentin Haslett, making it a whole lot easier to run away next time.


This man stands just shy of six feet tall. Overall, he is slim, but not overly athletic. His shoulders are broad, his waist is thin, but it's obvious that he's not built for power. Or much of anything, really. His skin is very tan, and an unruly, half-styled crop of short dark brown hair rests upon his head. A mustache features prominently on his face, along with a bit of hair on his chin. The rest of his face is home to a devil-may-care amount of stubble. On his right cheek is a small scar, about an inch and a half in length.

Currently, the man is wearing a fine, blue, gossamer chiffon shirt studded here and there with small rhinestones to give the appearance of a foggy night sky. Worn over it is a black velvet tabard that begins wide at his shoulders before tapering into his waist, the bottom concealed by a wide, black leather belt. Connected to the back of the tabard is a black velvet cape that runs down to about calf-length, flowing as the man walks. On his legs are a pair of light pink pants that fit slim and snug in all of the right places. Worn on his feet are a pair of black wingtip leather shoes. Around his neck is a simple, gold chain, and a similar pair of chains are affixed to each hip, jingling and swaying with each motion.

OOC Funny

-(OOC)- Hex says, "His shirt's so loud, we can't hear whatever he's lying to us about."

"This is Ryo Odessa, by the way. You'll regret knowing him, but it's kind of like when you order a lot of sweet drinks at the bar? It's a lot of fun until you're throwing up, can't find your keys, and your girlfriend is crying in the refresher," - Hex

Vili (V) pages: You're basically the rhinestone iPhone case of people.

-(OOC)- Naia says, "You're like a sexy Oscar Wilde rolling around in a Red Lobster dumpster."

-(OOC)- Hex says, "Are you robbing me or is that a genuine hug?!"

[PASS ( +43)] Ryo Odessa's Sleight Of Hand @ (100) diff.

-(OOC)- Malik Ren says, "Stavros is what you pin on pinterest, Ryo is the result when you try on your own"

RP Hooks

Gamblin Man - Ryo's method of scraping a life out of the rock that is Nar Shaddaa is gambling. Would you like to play a hand or two?

By Way of Socorro - The majority of Ryo's formative years were spent on Socorro. From lawless planet to lawless moon.


Iggy Odessa - Ryo's long-lost brother. Reunited at last. Until Ryo tricks him into stowing away on another smuggling vessel.

Hex - Ryo's boss(?) Hex has Ryo convinced that Ryo owes him a favor. Ryo figures it's preferable to getting roughed up in a Nar Shaddaa back alley.

Kasia Ashkuri - Hex's wife(?) She's a nice lady. Seems like she's probably the one that looks out for the members of Defiance the most. It's likely a full-time job.

Guri - The love of Ryo's life. She definitely feels the same (she doesn't), she's just slow to admit these things.

Siha Archer - Another love of Ryo's life. She's very mean, but not quite as mean as she used to be. That means they're married in some cultures.

Yoska Lash - A fellow drug-addict, but less well-dressed.

Maireni - Ryo saved her life, but she's yet to discuss terms of the life-debt.

Usha - Ryo's BFF and potential partner-in-crime. Her mother was a long-time friend of his.

Hopp Nooram - This guy is trying to make grade-A, stellar drugs, and Ryo's all for helping him figure it out.

Sajin - Oh, Kovo <3

Sharp Dressed Man

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