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Insignia of the CSF SMASH division

The Special Mandate Against Street Hoodlums (SMASH) is a specialized unit of the Coruscant Underworld Police tasked with combating violent crimes in the wake of the Sith-Imperial Occupation. Spearheaded by Junior Prefect Caius Sentari, the unit was established in Underworld Precinct 1313 to combat rising gang violence and anarchist tensions during this period. SMASH officially answers to the CSF, but Sentari has his own plans for expansion…



Club Euphoria Nightclub - Club Euphoria is /the/ most presentable establishment in all of 1313, built for modern sensibilities by wealthy businessmen who bought up a few of the buildings down in this otherwise aged and crumbling part of Coruscant's underbelly. Sentari likely intends for it to be a centralised 'hub away from hubs' for operations in the embattled sector.
Paradigm Shift Freighter - The CEC YT-1930 was a moderately successful YT-series light freighter that was released by the Corellian Engineering Corporation shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Highly mobile and of ample space, Sentari envisions it as the centerpiece of all of his space operations, however limited the scope of them are for the moment.