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When it comes to have a good childhood Sabella wouldn't be one to complain, she lived a rather well and carefree childhood, as much as one could with her parents line of work. The whole family could be called wrenchmonkees everyone needs a mechanic around right? Things break down, things need to be fixed, and the Lockheart family has always had a way with a wrench and making things work when they was on the edge of falling part. Her mother and father were well known around the Rebellion docks when ships and the like needing fixing after a battle, or who knows what happened to the ship in question. Though by being in this line of work, even if they were not on the front line they were just as much involved and just as ale into getting in trouble if aught like everyone else.

Sabella was born at a Rebellion base, a name she can't even recall, but when she was born her parents felt the need to try and keep her safe, who's parents wouldn't? In the end they would leave, still working with the Rebellion yet not on the front lines to give Sabella a chance of actually growing up. It managed to work, and when she was old enough she also too showed the knack for being able to work on anything with an engine, and then somethings without. Her parents were great teachers, and it didn't take long for her to work on simple things, and then it just took off from there being able to work alongside with her parents working on freighters an anything else they had the luck in tinkering with. Her favorite pastimes is getting to take something apart and putting it back together on her own, half of the time she would put it back the wrong way while learning, though over time she figured out a system to allow her to put nearly anything back together the way it was. As far as education went, she was a taught on the job mechanic, basically her parents taught her everything they knew, though this never stopped Sabella from combing through books of any subject that she managed to get her hands on. Sabella tends to be a bubbly one, friendly and eager to meet people.

All good things don't tend to last long in a world (or worlds) that have battled for long as many have and still do to some degree with the galaxy. Sabella and her family never fully left the Rebellion, though now called The Resistance her parents were in route to help with what they could at some base, which Sabella was not told were is when things changed drastically for the young mechanic. They stopped at Tatooine and this is where things fell apart. An old issue, perhaps a debt but it was not known to Sabella though during that short stop the family was pulled apart after a dealing with The Fist Order and Sabella found herself suddenly on her own and with only the name of someone to find. She was to find one Gren Delede and give him a letter from her mother no less. The name was one Sabella heard before, though she had no idea who he was, and when the time came her mother assured her everything would be explained if they did not meet up later that day. Her mother and father was arrested for all she knew after that conversation, an while she did not want to leave Tatooine without knowing, and without them, it is not a place she would be able to stay for long on her own.

It took some time but she got off Tatooine, and it took time before she found any information on where to possible find one Gren Delede. It lead her to Nar Shadda and she met up with one Sar Yavok. With a bit of talking she managed to get a job out of that meeting along with getting to finally meet Gren Delede. She has no idea why her mother wanted her to find him out of everyone anywhere, though with time and the answer in that letter she did learn why.

Some time has passed sine she first found her father. Sabella has worked for a few people since then, Rebel Yell, Gizka and now she is with the Resistance once more doing her part to deal with the bad guys of the Universe so to speak. Still she's kept Gren at a arm's length perhaps worried about finding how alike they really are, or worried that he would want nothing to do with her. Though time and time again Gren has surprised her. For the longest time they kept the father-daughter bit quiet from many until the First Order found things out and used Sabella as bait to try and catch Gren, it backfired on the FO though left many hurt and dead on both sides. While Sabella was safe she still felt the blame for everyone getting hurt, and the deaths as well. While she is safe for now with her friends trying to figure out how to deal with what happened is a hard weight on her mind. That and she has feelings for a certain pilot that she feels will harm their friendship so she keeps that to herself.

RP Hooks

  • Has a pet Tuskcat named Hualli, she and Calii saved him from a group of guys on Naboo that killed his parents. While many see a huge feline Sabe just sees her best friend covered in fur.
    • Can fix just about anything, need something worked on? Ask!

The People

|Sar |His cra-cra, but at the same time a good guy. Knows how to fly, knows how to fight, and a few dozen other things. |-

|Gren |I had no idea when I went looking for Gren what it would mean, in the end turns out his my father and my mother never told either of us. I think we're starting to warm up to one another. |-

|Triz |One of a few I consider a friend around this place, it happened by accident but I won't complain. It's nit to have someone to talk to again especially after everything with Gzika |- |}


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