Sabrina Codi

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Brief History

Doctor Sabrina Codi, recently recruited by the Resistance, is a graduate of the University of Coruscant First Republic Medical Academy where she worked for several years as part of a privatized humanitarian group providing medical support to the Outer Rim planets. After a few years of constant travel, she tired of the politics and budgeting nightmares and transferred to the Rhinnal State Medical Academy as part of the teaching staff and focusing on specializing in cybernetic prosthetic replacement. It was at this time that she met another young doctor specializing in internal medicine. The two had a whirlwind romance, but it was short lived. After a few years of living together, their careers started to pull them apart. Dr. Codi was offered a substantial grant to work with a group of cybernetic researchers on Bespin while her partner had been offered a lucrative opportunity to staff an up and coming hospital on Hosnian Prime. In the end, they decided to end things and went their separate ways. To this day, Sabrina wonders if she made the right choice.

After working on Bespin for several years and trying to lose herself in her work, she left the gas planet and went to work with a small hospital on Naboo, where she wanted to continue her work with cybernetics. The small medical facility appreciated her help, but knew that they wouldn't be able to retain her services for long. Dr. Codi often traveled to larger hospitals and universities to present her findings in the cybernetics field as well as attending conferences. She was on her way back to Naboo from a conference on Coruscant that she heard about the Hosnian System destruction. Sabrina decided at that very moment that she had to do something and reached out to several known sympathizers on Naboo to put her in contact with the Resistance. They came for her before long, and she left her old life to relocate to the Resistance flagship.


Sabrina is quick-witted, sarcastic and not one for wasting time. Can become singularly focused on tasks at time to the exclusion of all else, but keeps her head under pressure. She keeps her professional demeanor up more often than not, finding it easier than becoming emotionally invested in the people around her. She's a perfectionist and is perfectly capable of being her own worst critic. She keeps her emotions close to the chest and does not open up very easily.