Sapphira Solari

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Sapphira ???

Title: ???
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Spy
Profession: Assassin
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Organization: The Shadowport


Sapphira Tavers/Solari/Yavok/Zhu is a born-and-raised Nar Shaddaa girl who left several years back to travel to Coruscant on an educational scholarship to study engineering. She returned to her dark, rainy Nar home, quickly fell in with her ex-husband Tarion Tavers and his thieving/slave-emancipating employers Defiance. The girl that came out of that experience was more worldly, more violent, but also more self-reliant. One normal, rainy day, Sar Yavok came to her and took her away to The Resistance, to fight the good fight or something. That translated into a position as a Deputy Agent for the Resistance's satellite spy group, The Irregulars until the fall of Palpetine 2.0. Since then, she's scuttled back into the shadows and makes a living doing something for the someones at The Shadowport.

However, she lives that life in the darkness, while publicly remaining Sapphira Solari, business owner, engineer, and cargo runner.


Sapphira Solari has often been referred to as the girl next door, and perhaps once that was true. She's something of a homebody, preferring knitting with some form of tea to going out to the clubs and bars that Nar has to offer. But that is only half of her; she's also addicted to adventure, and has begun to mine a slender-but-deep vein of violence that runs within her. Perhaps that's also where she keeps her explosive temper, which burns on a slow, long fuse until it erupts.

By trade, Sapphira is an engineering protege, and is forever tinkering or playing with her hands. Of late, this tinkering has turned to other passions, and she's almost as often to be caught practicing knife tricks as she is to knitting scarves. It's a balance.

RP Hooks

  • Miss Fix It. Sapphira is an engineer and mechanic. Need some work done? Let's do some business together.
  • Nar Native. She lived on Nar all her life, up until she left four years ago for her engineering studies. Want to make history together? Page or mail me.
  • Excitement Junkie. Sapphira has always wanted excitement in her life. Growing up on Nar meant she was close to it but, with two loving parents, she was never allowed to touch it. She wants adventure!
  • The Underbelly. Sapphira's work (and life) have involved her with some ner-do-well people and organizations, contacts and affiliations she continues today. Currently she's tied up with gun-runners, mercs, and of course the The Shadowport.
  • Intel Inside. Sapphira served as an intelligence officer for the Resistance's spy group. No doubt she still has connections there.


Sapphira flies a CEC GT-B8 Gambit, lovingly named Backstitch and co-piloted by an R3 called Nit. Given her background in engineering and her father's expertise as a freight runner, there's little doubt that the Backstitch will start showing some personalization in short order. It's not uncommon to see the Backstitch going in and out of freight trade ports across the galaxy.

Current Modifications:

  • Tier 4 Nav Computer
  • Tier 3 Sublight Engines
  • Communications Jammer

Useless Chatter

Sapphira goes to the beach.


-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "She's a stick figure with the mating habits of an angler fish."

Bar'duur (bar) pages: sap's slogan, Sass over mass.

-(OOC)- Mujiji says, "*Sapphira"
-(OOC)- Sapphira Tavers says, "Sapphire is my stripper name."
-(OOC)- Mujiji says, "I wondered what all the body glitter was for"
-(OOC)- Sapphira Tavers sparkle sparkle fabulous.
-(OOC)- Sapphira Tavers deducts it as a business expense, makes grabby hands at Asiir for reimbursement.
-(OOC)- Mujiji says, "That's why you got so excited to take a trip into the "deep blue""
-(OOC)- Sapphira Tavers winks. I am the deep blue baby.
-(OOC)- Mujiji mouthes 'call me'

<Defiance> Stavros says, "I vote Sapphire's +org title be changed to 'Mother-of-Lurmen'"
<Defiance> Sapphira Solari says, "I second. :D :D :D"
<Defiance> Sapphira Solari says, "First of her name."
<Defiance> Stavros says, "But only if you keep all three Lurmen triplets and raise them as your own."
<Defiance> Stavros says, "They eat only sugared meat."
<Defiance> Sapphira Solari says, "Per Stavros, I am now Sapphira Solari, First of her name, Mother of Sugar Breathing Lurmen."
<Defiance> Naelyn says, "AHAHAHAHA, omg, yes. She does have 3 doesn't she"
<Defiance> Stavros says, "I think it works. Sugar _is_ flammable, kinda"
<Defiance> Stavros says, "They'll caramelize you if you don't watch yourself"
-(OOC)- Stavros says, "The Lady of the Berrylicious Lake, clad in pure burble, gave me a vision and a sword, telling me I was the rightful King of Nar Shaddaa."