Sar Yavok

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Sar Yavok

Title: Captain Yavok
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: The Shadowport
Ship: Shiny Jawa


"They saaaaay his name is Sar Yavok
He's always led bad by his pride
He's a drunk and an asshole, crass and uncouth
But he's who I want on my side...

They say, his name is Sar Yavok
And nothing quite explains that smell
He's real self destructive, and someday he'll get there,
But we'll be drinkiiiin togetheeeeeer in hell."

- The Ballad of Sar Yavok (written and performed by Hex)

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Strengths and Flaws

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vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky

honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm


Sar Yavok was born to Lars and Sirella Yavok on the planet Corellia. Sar's childhood was fairly standard for someone of his age; born during a time of immense strife within the galaxy, Sar's parents were both members of the Rebellion, and for as long as he can remember, that's all he wanted to be, too. He could be a bit of a handful when he was younger, always running here and there with his friends and getting into trouble with the local law enforcement, but his heart was (for the most part) in the right place. He went to school at a Corellian academy, but prior to graduation, he dropped out and joined the Rebellion at 17.

After leaving the Rebellion, Sar spun his wheels by working as security to different VIPs and businesses before eventually settling down on Nar Shadaa where he serves as a member of NSec for the time being.

The Founding of Rebel Yell

After retiring from his life as an NSEC Sergeant, Sar Yavok decided to turn to the stars. He would fix the Dusty Jawa back up and begin working towards amassing a crew to serve with him on his quest to become a Trade King.

This was short lived.

Instead of founding a trade company, Sar decided to do what he was best at; shoot things. So, the old veteran founded Rebel Yell along with Gren Delede and Fenwick Mare. The rag-tag bunch of mercenaries quickly gained a foothold in the Galaxy and started growing by leaps and bounds, setting Sar and Gren on the fast-track to becoming captains of their own individual capital ships. Fenwick was happy enough just to keep doing his job.

The Ballad of Sar Yavok and Wyrm the Hutt

A few months into Rebel Yell's success, word was passed around that the organization's own CEO, Gren Delede, had a bounty on his head placed there by Nar Shaddaa crime lord Wyrm the Hutt. After a brief consultation with Sar Yavok, the two of them decided it would probably be best to do something about it. Thus beginning Rebel Yell's rein of anti-Hutt terror. They started hitting Wyrm's convoys, taking out his men, and even went so far as to attack his spice processing plant on Nal Hutta.

What started as a (albeit selfish) campaign on Gren's part to simply get a more worthy bounty, Sar has spun into a holy war against corruption in Hutt space.


After running Rebel Yell for a while, Sar Yavok decided, after much deliberation, that it was time for him to hang up his hat and resign as the Chairman of the company. So, like any other sane man in his late forties, Sar decided to join The Resistance. He took up a post as a Lt. Colonel within the Army.

Hounds at the Door

Many hushed meetings were held behind closed doors regarding just what was to be done with the newly-arrived Lt. Colonel, and a plan was formulated. Sar was selected to head up operations on a newly formed branch of the Resistance that was being established on the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa. With Gren Delede and Ambrosia Greystorm assigned the task of serving as his executive officers, the trio set to work hand-picking candidates for the new base of operations.

Candidates from Dagger Team and the Resistance Starfighter Corps were chosen to join the group, affectionately referred to as The Kath Hounds.

The Hounds operate out of a retrofitted, subterranean warehouse complex deep in the bowels of Nar Shaddaa and have been tasked with recruiting talented pilots and soldiers to further populate the ranks of the Resistance, while also investigating any ties the First Order might have to the developing Hutt Uprising.


After a row with Leia about his (over)use of combat stims and the effect they were having on his performance, Sar was politely asked to step down. He did so and retired, taking to the stars once again. Rumors are circulating that Zhu Yan was instrumental in getting the Old Man back on his feet and in the captain's chair of a shiny new ship.


Sar's custom EE-3 blaster pistol

Standing at six feet even, this man is the picture of health. Somewhere in his mid-forties, he's managed to keep himself in-shape despite the onslaught of the years. A lifetime of expression has carved itself into his face in the forms of smile lines and crow's feet, leaving him looking a little overly-worn for his age. Dark blonde hair adorns his head, the sides shaved down and the rest slicked back. A light stubble frames his jaw.

Mandalorian Starscouts were civilian defense force started by a wealthy Mandalorian investor who wanted to better defend the interests of Concord Dawn's shipping lanes. Growing tired of the pirate raids from the surface of Mandalore, the Starscouts were brought into service to ambush any pirates who boarded the cargo ships of valuable trade freighters.

This suit of armor is designed to be light to mid level ranges of protection with a decent array of features and utilities provided to help a Starscout perform their job of protecting valuable cargo from Concord Dawn from the pirates and mercs of Mandalore who used heavily modified starships to seize cargo ships in the Mandalore System.


Cold and military-minded, but not averse to showing a bit of warmth to those who have earned it.

RP Hooks

Former Leader of Rebel Yell - Sar founded and ran Rebel Yell, a private security firm, for several months. The group managed to bring some semblance of order to the lawless moon, but Sar decided to hang up his hat in favor of the impending galactic-scale conflict.

NSec Sergeant - Sar spent a very long time working as a "cop" on Nar Shaddaa. Maybe he helped you out at some point? Maybe he kicked your ass?

Galactic Civil War Veteran - Sar was a corporal with the Rebel Alliance and served from the Battle of Endor all the way through the Battle of Jakku.

Good Stories - Sar likes to spin a tale every now and then. Most of them are even true.

Stick in the Mud - Are you having a good time? Sar resents you for it.

Trandoshan Women - Whether they're true or not, rumors have begun circulating that Sar Yavok has a penchant for lady Trandoshans and that he is exceptionally adept at courting them and other reptilian species. Tales have even made the rounds that he's even managed to woo a krayt dragon or two before.

Loves Dirk Steele - Sar has seen every episode of the cult-classic noir detective drama that ran for three seasons when he was a kid. Has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the characters, story archs, and useless trivia related to it.

The People

Gren Delede - A miserable old drunk and Sar's best friend. They founded Rebel Yell together and are now responsible for causing a whole bunch of havoc in The Galaxy.

Kasia Ciph - An old friend who Sar helped out of some trouble. The two of them worked together and kinda dated, but Sar's self-destructive and bad at feelings, so it didn't quite work out.

Hex - Good kid. Can't take a punch worth a shit, and is just about useless at everything that makes a soldier a soldier, but he's got a good heart and ain't the type to just stay down when someone needs him. Reminds Sar of a younger, super ineffective version of himself.

Maeve Zavir - The one woman (or person, really) who Sar is able to show a modicum of compassion to. She gets him, and he gets her. It's not a flashy affair, but it's a good one.

Sapphira Solari - An unlikely friend. Sar cares deeply for the small mechanic, treating her almost like he would a daughter.

Corr Waldin - A former Resistance soldier and erstwhile business partner. Sar wishes him the best, even if he won't muster the gumption to fight again.

Stavros - He likes to play party boy, but I know there's a hard working, responsible soldier in there somewhere.

Ax - Ax is a good friend and the leader of The Waywards. He can get up his own ass sometimes, but he cares about seeing good happen in The Galaxy.

Zhu Yan - YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. Pain in the ass. Talks too much. Good pilot.

Tess Ul'Datha - Sar just found out that this ball of crazy is his daughter. *BIG SHRUG*

Hazar Jast - One of the Resistance soldiers that Sar actually tolerates. Well done, Hazar. Has the makings of a good leader.

Kelnas - A good worker, despite the fact that he's stoned half the time.

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