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"He... Who... Dies."
-- Syrus Volo


Here stands Sebek, the Hunter. Tall, at 6'2", and awfully green, this Falleen has the typical looming presence and strong build of his species. His features and demeanour embrace the nobility he was born to. His face is sharp featured with no facial hair, his eyes a dull amber, his hair tied back into the Falleen topknot, and his white teeth and black fingernails are the sharp points of a predator.

This man accessorizes. Gold is everywhere. Countless gold earrings are embedded in each ear. On each finger, and binding his topknot, are gold rings of varying thickness, each with gemstones of varying cut and colour. There is also a gold neck chain with an amulet of a wide eye, beset with its own gems. It's not just all the bling, either. His makeup game is on point, or maybe it's tattooing. He has winged eye markings that are as much decorative as traditional, trimmed in thick black ink that tapers into sharp points at the outer edges.

The piece de resistance of his attire, whatever it may be, is his cape. It is thick, furred, and too heavy to move in the wind. Could it be the pelt of something sentient? No matter what ostentatious outfit he's attired in, unless the situation expressly does NOT call for it, the pelt is always present.



Sebek of the Desert.
He Who Hunts.
Come, then. Show me what passes for fury amongst your misbegotten kind.


  • Old - Falleen lifespan being what it is, Sebek is in his eighties. If you're old and want history, talk to me.
  • Evil! - You want a bad guy for a plot? I'm always down for a harrowing, nail-biting defeat.