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The Serious Business replaces the Bandit's Castle, which until recently served as the Consortium's flagship and biggest naval asset. With the sabotage and subsequent slow death of the Bandit's Castle, the Consortium opted to find or purchase another ship to replace her. At first, the crew of the Bandit's Castle ran down the location of a derelict Imperial Strike-class cruiser called Imperious. However, this ship was overrun by a hostile alien organism, and before this organism could be removed and the ship salvaged, the First Order located and destroyed it in an act of reprisal against the Consortium. In locating the ship that became the Serious Business, however, they not only managed to keep the ship free of reprisals, it is a sterling example of the class, fully restored and giving the Consortium newfound strength in its development a criminal power.


The ship that would become the Serious Business was originally the Vicious, being a Strike-class cruiser once commanded by Captain Tullan Sirro of the Imperial Navy. As part of a task force hunting pirates and Rebels alike in the Mid-Rim, the modular Vicious was rigged up as a carrier, used to provide fighter wings and heavy guns in conjunction with the other ships of the task force. Once the Civil War came to an end, the ship was mothballed and meant to be sold off for scrap - instead, it was purchased decades later by a entrepreneur Soto S'buula, a Sullustan who had the idea of creating a living museum of the War. His idea, of course, was that a collection of such ships of both Rebel and Imperial vintages would be put in orbit, visited by interested tourist. The Vicious was to be his proof of concept to visitors, and he poured an immense amount of his own money into painstakingly restoring the entire ship to function, from turbolasers to landing struts. In every way the Vicious was every bit a warship as it was the day it rolled off the yards at Loronar.

Unfortunately, by the time he finished this process, the First Order began its invasion - and suddenly finding a fully-functioning combat cruiser a major liability in a galaxy being conquered by a neo-Imperial power, S'bulla shifted gears to find a buyer for the vessel to finance a casino where the museum's hospitality station currently stood. Finding the listing of the ship on the datanets, Adhar sold off the Bandit's Castle to a mercenary outfit who could afford to buy and repair the ship with its own resources. Once purchased, the original crew of the Bandit's Castle and the new hires moved to the waiting cruiser, the ship's registration was changed to the Serious Business and the ship given over to the Consortium.


For once, the ship does not have any major quirks, as it was completely restored to sterling condition by its previous owner. However, this also means that the parts came from yards all over the old Empire - running down any replacements might be a bit of a challenge if the ship is to be heavily damaged. Its modular construction will likely need to be reinforced as well, since chances for replacement modules are potentially next to nil in the modern day.


Command and Bridge Staff

  • Adhar Gann, Captain
  • Zerna Gann, First Officer
  • Mandl, Third Officer / Science And Exploration Officer
  • Qrzzl, Third Officer / Chief Medical Officer
  • Aola Ziveri, Third Officer / Flight Section Leader
  • Samaya, Third Officer / Chief of Security
  • Tamrae, Third Officer / Chief Engineer
  • Sarna, Subofficer, Communications / Electronic Warfare Officer
  • RA-70, Human-Cyborg Relations (Military Spec.)
  • R5-DT, Helmsan

Flight Section

Security Section

Medical Section

Engineering Section

Support Section

Science and Exploration Section

Trade and Smuggling Section


  • Logs to be added


  • Ten turbolaser batteries
  • Ten single turbolaser cannons
  • Ten capital-scale ion cannons
  • Ten tractor beam emplacements
  • Spacecraft bay (30 size-units capacity, maximium ship size 20 units)

Starfighters and Other Craft

Array Wing, General Combat/Escort

  • E-Wing Escort Fighter, Array 1

Vendetta Wing, Assault/Space Superiority

Brawler Wing, Heavy Attack

  • M12-L Kimogila Heavy Fighter, Brawler 1 to Brawler 4

Bouncer Wing, Attack/Patrol

  • Cutlass-9 Patrol Fighter, Bouncer 1 to Brawler 8

Buster Wing, Air/Ground Support

  • TIE Striker, Buster 1

Miscellaneous Craft

  • Nightmare-Errant, Arakyd Helix-B Light Interceptor
  • Raptor, Incom Y-4 Military Transport (Captain's ship/communal trade vessel)

Repairs & Modifications

None at this time.