Sesti Greystorm

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Sesti Greystorm (Gath)

Title: Senator Greystorm
Race: Zabrak
Sex: Female
Occupation: Iridonian Senator to the New Republic
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: Iridonia
Organization: The New Republic Senate
Ship: Kal A'yure


Please note the artist credit at the bottom of the page. I paid a fifty dollar commission for the art to be personalized to my character, which means it has personal investment and meaning to me. I know it's the coolest picture online of a female zabrak, because I didn't like what I was finding so I PAID to have one made that I liked. There are many talented artists on deviantart who take commissions for such things, and I encourage you to support them. This picture was a collaboration between myself and the artist to bring my vision of Sesti to life, please respect the personal investment I made and have in Sesti by not using her for your pages. Thank you.


Sesti is the third of four children born to Yet and S'Praz Gath of the Fiiros clan on Iridonia. As most Zabrak, she had a competitive childhood, and reveled in the hand to hand skills that were a part of every child's rearing, especially in a household of a professional warrior with many victories to prove his skill. However, as time drew near for her Res Selenoran, she decided that she would rather follow in her mother's footsteps, as a surgeon. She did well in her physical challenges, and passed the mental challenges above average, allowing her go on to study medicine. She could never completely abandon the warlike skills, as her father's blood ran deep in her veins as well, so she kept those skills honed with the idea of becoming a field surgeon/medic.

As Sesti's experience grew, she found she had a knack and interest in cybernetics. With times being as peaceful as one can find on Iridoia, she began to delve more into the field of cybernetics, the repair, craft, and design of implants and limbs. As Nar Shaddaa is known for being able to crank out the latest technology, and Sesti has the skills to hold her own among scum and villainy, she asked permission of the elder council of Fiiros to seek education there.

Recent History

Not long after arriving on Nar Shaddaa, Sesti witnessed a group of slavers trying to capture a wookiee while talking to some new acquaintances. Excusing herself from the table, she went to the wookiee's aid when it appeared things were not going very well for him. She was surprised to find her tablemates helping her, and when the wookiee was free, they all ran together, Ax, the leader of those who had been there, offering her and the wookiee a place to keep their heads down.

The wookiee's name was Gaarurra, and he considered Sesti's lead in the charge to free him as reason to owe her a life debt, and has been guarding her since. The two of them stuck with the group, which came to be known as the Waywards, and after a few rounds of spats with one of their pilots, Jax Greystorm, Sesti found their fights changing in tone. So it happened that when his mother Ambrosia Greystorm, once a leader in the Rebellion, received an invite from General Leia Organa to join the Resistance, Jax signed up, and Sesti went with him. Gaarurra followed his charge to the Resistance. During that time Sesti saw more field duty, her research taking a back seat for awhile.

With the discovery that Jax was force sensitive, and a near miss with Kylo Ren, it was deemed prudent that Jax remove himself from the Resistence for a period of time. He and Sesti were married in a small ceremony with their families, and then the Zabrak feasting after on Iridonia. They traveled in the outer rim, until Jax got lost on one of his explorations, turning up a couple weeks later with most of his memory missing, and his connection to the force cut off. They returned to Nar and their friends to aid his recovery, which led to them returning to the Resistance once more, joining the Kath Hounds outpost.

After some time at Kath Hounds, Sesti became a full civilian again as Jax's connection to the Force slowly began to return. They also found that Wedge had had a secret marriage, and child. They rescued the child, and only found out in the mother's dying words that the child was actually Jax's nephew. They adopted him and have been raising him since, with one of Sesti's cousins, a newly minted Zabrak adult as a body guard and teacher for him. The two of them joined the Irregulars, and unofficially helped aided the Resistance when and where possible. When the call went out to assemble at Exegol, both were there in their own capacities. Not long after, Sesti became pregnant, and has given birth their own son, Aderan.

With the formation of a new New Republic, the Iridonian planet decided to choose a citizen from Clan Gath to represent Iridonia, paying tribute to Yet Gath, the last Iridonian Ambassador to represent Iridonia in the New Republic and was murdered on Hosnian Prime. The Gath clan in a formal meeting chose Sesti, as her service off planet and with the Resistance had almost mirrored her father's service with the Rebellion. They felt her family ties and her expanded knowledge of the galaxy as well as her ties in the Resistance made her the perfect candidate for this honor position. She has has since been the Iridonian Representative to the New Republic Senate, and is learning politics on the fly... something she is finding very trying because little niceties and parsing what people 'really' mean is extremely irritating.


A'isha Adella The twi'lek is dangerous and graceful. Although she is definitely part of the Waywards, and Sesti likes her, she's never known completely what to make of her.

Alk Sesti's medical droid, that half the Resistence hated more than the FO for his total lack of bedside manner, or any manner at all. He was left with the base when she and Jax started traveling. Rumor has it that Amber had him smelted, but who know's the truth of it.

Ambrosia Greystorm Even her son and nephew refer to her as 'The Major'. The woman is formidable, but somehow not so scary. Sesti briefly met her before the rest of the Waywards when The Major needed emergency surgery on one of Iridonia's colony worlds.

Atlan E'ron A fellow Dagger team member, but as yet an unknown in the personal arena.

Axilon Bjin'ax Leader of the Waywards. A hard working and straight shooting kind of guy, Sesti has a certain amount of admiration for the Echani.

Exine Jax's R2 unit. He's a bit of a pain in the butt, but somehow liked anyways.

Gaarurra The wookiee is an almost constant companion, with a good sense of humor. He brings out the fun and mischief in Sesti at times, as well as trying to make himself her meat shield whenever possible.

Gerratt DeLong The second in command of the Dagger team is an old salt, but Sesti doesn't let the humor fool her. The man is dangerous, and good to have on their side.

Gren Delede Second in command at Kath Hound base. Kael Greystorm So called 'prettier' of the Greystorm cousins, he's not quite as infuriating as his cousin, but he has his moments. He's also been a staunch friend and ally from the beginning.

Jax Greystorm The infuriating Corellian who somehow managed to find his way into her hearts, and became her husband. She still fights with him when she gets the chance, but it's mostly to get to the making up.

Leia Organa In her position, Sesti has had little interaction with the General of the Resistance. She only has the respect that Amber bears for the woman to go on.

Ophelia Lonefi Newest member of Dagger.

Oriana Demo girl. The two are on Dagger Team together, and getting to know each other.

Qadira Suryet The Wayward's Engineer par excellence. She was starting to become friends with the woman when they left to join the Resistance, and misses her.

Sparra Sesti has found her rude, although apparently it's supposed to be her dry humor. She hasn't had much to do with her, but she's accepted by Ax as part of the Waywards, and Sesti respects that.

Strand Korsen Sesti has never thought that he was what he seemed, the funny, go lucky attitude was just too... something. She couldn't put her finger on it. She's heard of his dark past, now, which explains much, but it hasn't changed her feeling that there's more underneath than he ever lets on.

Sesti's Guide for Herding Cats aka PvP rules

(work in progress)

A player cap is a player cap. I have an idea how many people I can handle for a scene, and depending on the time I have to run it, I will cap scenes accordingly. So, if you want in, then sign up for the event.

“But Sesti,” you ask, “what if it was already full when I first looked at it? Or what if I’m not sure about my schedule and can’t guarantee commitment?”

“Glad you asked, Grasshopper,” Sesti replies. “If that happens, then @mail me with ‘alternate’ in the subject. Let me know that you are interested in the event, and if someone doesn’t show, I will give you an opportunity to join.”

DO NOT show up on the night of the event without having contacted me prior to said event and ask, “can I hop in?” The answer will be ‘no’.

Expect the shortest possible answer to your question. Not because I am upset, frazzled, or annoyed, but because I want to move things along to reduce waiting times for all people involved.

+po and a timer will be used. Nothing bogs down a scene more than people taking forever on their turn. And it makes the rest of the people feel like you aren’t really committed to the event with them.

So… this is how it goes. I set up the +po, you can use it to see when you are likely to come up next, and plan your drink, snack, bio and smoke breaks accordingly. If you are next, unless your bladder is going to explode, it’s advisable that you wait until after your turn to go.

Play facilitation will be handled thusly - I will look at +po and see who is up, and will announce their name OOC. The player will have two minutes to page me their intent/questions, etc, and let me know they are working on a pose. If I do not hear from the player within two minutes, we go to the next person on +po and they will have to wait until next round. NOTE : This does not mean that you have to pose within two minutes. It means you need to let me know that you are focused and taking your turn, not off AFK or in another window playing Plants Vs Zombies. So, it would look something like this…

- (OOC) - Sesti Gath says, “Grasshopper”

Grasshopper (Lil) pages: Is this a family gathering like, Mom, Dad, bro and sis, or is this like second cousins fives times removed visiting from China gathering?

Sesti Gath (Sesti) pages: Global affair. Trestle tables all over the field.

Grasshopper (Lil) pages: I am going to cook the best damn Pasta Puttanesca ever for the entire lot.

Sesti Gath (Sesti) pages: Roll your cooking at 110. That’s a lot of people.

Grasshopper tests his cooking skill at a 110 difficulty.

+SUCCESS+ (15)

Sesti Gath (Sesti) pages: Just about everyone thinks it’s the best they’ve ever tested, except for Great Aunt Viola who wouldn’t use as much oregano in her sauce.

From afar, Grasshopper (Lil) groans. There’s always a critic. Okay, posing.

Because Grasshopper has his roll results, and he indicated he was posing, I (hopefully) don’t need to check and make sure he’s with us. I know (and appreciate very much) that some people like to put out good, creative and sometimes long, poses. I want them to feel they have the leeway to do so, and not feel too much pressure to shorten or dilute their poses. If Grasshopper already knew what he was going to pose, and there are no rolls required, when I said his name OOCly, he would have paged, something like -

- (OOC) - Sesti Gath says, “Grasshopper”

From afar, Grasshopper (Lil) is all set. Posing.

Again, I know Grasshopper is posing, and that he’s not off somewhere else, and so I will wait for his pose to move on.

Please DO NOT page me with questions or your intentions until it is your turn.