Shadow Syndicate

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== History and Background ==

Nothing much is known by the general public of this secretive and almost completely unknown group. Almost an overnight urban legend, many of the citizens of Nar Shaddaa attribute the deeds done by this particular group to be none other than happen stance, a series of crimes committed by random hoods that somehow all get tagged as belonging to this group. All that is known for certain, is that this group was unheard of before the unrest that rippled through the Hutt Cartel toward the end of Queen Zira's reign.

What ISN'T common knowledge, or known to anyone outside of the organization itself, is that the Shadow Syndicate is an organization formed when three Underbosses of the Hutt Cartel splintered away to make their common vision a reality. A completely secretive group, the Syndicate deals in misinformation, espionage, smuggling, black market dealings, and even the occasional murder. Their personnel and properties are all kept under the utmost secret, every member swearing an oath to those beside them to always choose their brothers and sisters over all outsiders, and ever work for the betterment of the Shadow Syndicate.


The Shadow Syndicate takes a fifteen percent commission off the top of all earnings when on Syndicate business. This is a policy that reaches from the top, to the bottom. All three leaders pay the same commission as the new recruits. This encourages an equality within the ranks, as well as helps to fund the organization and the assets that it buys for the recruits, as well as the occasional well placed bribe when needed.

No job will be done for free. Ever.

There is a dress code when visiting the Syndicate hideout within the Art Gallery. The Gallery is a high class affair and it would attract unwanted attention for the typical criminals to be seen walking in and out all of the time. This is a means of keeping public attention, as well as those who may be trying to locate us for ill will, turned away from the hideout.

Members are strictly forbidden of talking about the organization to anyone not of the organization, as well as identifying any members to anyone outside of the organization. This is one of the most important rules under penalty of death. Honor your brothers and sisters of the Shadow.

Loyalty is reserved for the Syndicate first. While your jobs in service to the group may require you to work for other organizations, the Shadow Syndicate is strictly a neutral organization. We are loyal to ourselves, and will work for anyone with the credits to pay for us.

(ooc rules-Basically the big one is and this will be in your intro scene with us. You will die IC if you break the one about telling people about the syndicate. I want to make this crystal clear. This has been a rule since the start.)

How to hire us

Not quite the easiest of feats to track down an organization that doesn't exist. Clues are left about the city, and those with an ear toward the underbelly of the Smuggler's Moon would be able to turn them up. A graffiti tag here, a crumpled piece of paper strategically placed there, all leading toward a golden statue inside a high class Art Gallery within the Corellian District. Inspection of the statue would reveal a small break in the metal, perfect for a slip of paper with a name to be fed through.

(OOC: It's simple as pie. Send a mail to one of the leaders. It should have first be written in char or out of char if you like. How much your paying,Job desc,meeting spot. As much details as possible.)