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Shemar is from Tatooine and oddly enough he is not precisely from Mos Eisley, though when he finally got there it was worth a laugh and got him some free drinks. Born on a ship in space, registered to Tatooine, he did spend a fair bit of his youth growing up on that world, even in Mos Eisley, though his parents were /always/ on the move, pushing cargos. They owned a beat up piece of crap little freighter that was hardly worth the name, but man she had some -legs- on her!

Fairly out going lad, bold and adventuresome, yet with some brains. Liked to think about things before he leapt into them, if he had the leisure to. Shemar liked hunting wombats and other small game so he got pretty decent with a rifle. He learned astrogation and piloting from his parents and even did his share of shifts flying once he was old enough to get licensed.

Shem had two younger sisters, Elisa and Olivia. But Elisa got some kind of bad lung condition and nobody could afford to spend enough to cure her, so she eventually wasted away and died of it. That really hurt to loose his little sister. She passed away at 7 years of age.

Shemar's even younger sister, Olivia, was taken as a slave while they were running a job on Nar Shaddaa. He went through hell and high water looking for her and eventually, against all odds, his determination and family connections through smuggling, paid off. He found her out on the Twi'lek world of Ryloth of all places! A bold fellow, he didn't have the money to buy her back and she wasn't for sale, so he busted her loose and smuggled her off world pronto! In retrospect, him and his family considered that Shemar's manhood rite. Because of him, Olivia is alive and well, cruising around the 'verse with their parents once more.

Now the New Republic is in a pickle, and the First Order is kicking up it's heels being a pain. First Order always hassles him or his family whenever they have been in FO space. Seeing the First Order is linked to slavery as concerns Corellia, and has a link to his sister's abduction, that really steams Shemar. So having learned some flying and fighting, he's hared off (against his parent's advice) to go and enlist with the New Republic.

Now he's been in a few years, Shemar's proven to have a decent head on his shoulders, keep his wits about him, have reasonable self discipline, follow orders, and he's a good pilot. Not a /great/ pilot yet but he shows potential. He's also a little old to be an Ensign but he got a bit of a later start than some. After one /particularly/ difficult op where Shemar actually took a lead when their CAG's fighter bought the farm, Shemar actually saved his fellow

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pilot's butts on search and rescue (SAR) when the pirates that had shot down their Captain had laid ambush for them. Shem out foxed the ambush, got their wounded Captain out of captivity, and got his fellow pilots all safely back to the ship. He received a commendation for valor. I guess that's what got somebody's attention and the idea he might be a good fit for Black Squadron.

How in all the planets anybody ever thought Shemar would get hand picked for Black Squadron is beyond him! You know what they say about Special Forces units - those be some crazy hutt-suckers! Turns out he was pretty decent at it and loved Black Skwad and got himself promoted to Lieutenant JG. Came to know and love his squadron mates and did some truly crazy stuff with that Poe Dameron. Up until the New Republic decided to join an Alliance with the First Order against the Sith Empire. Black Squadron got disbanded and Poe Dameron sent off on some super secret assigment - without Shemar, alas. So the commando/combat pilot has been kicking up his heels way too much, doing temporary assignments and mostly stuck on extended leave. With no more X-wing. Life went from being freaking amazing to sucking dust, fast.