Siha Archer

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Siha Archer

Title: Alor
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Profession: Mandalorian
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: Contractor
Ship: Sy'dartha


Siha is a simple woman, with simple tastes and even simpler needs. Give her a ship, a sword, a horizon, a body, fuel and booze, and she's happy as a clam.

IC Titles

Barely Mammal

Alor Archer

Nearly Reptile

Elite Beach Murder Hobo


Captain Archer

What she do


Siha is the leader of the Mandalorian Clan Tal, and does fun stuff. She has accepted an on the side when she has time contract with the Explorer's Guild, and has been known to show up to show off with the Resistance.



According to the sorting hat at Hogwarts, Siha is a Gryffindor, because she often charges into dangerous situations, without contemplating the outcome, in an idiot act of bravery.

She has a good heart beneath any sarcastic aura she puts out, and can have her feelings hurt quite easily by certain people, hence the sarcasm.

She tries not to take herself seriously, and doesn't mind being the butt of the joke.

Also, her patronus is the Capuchin monkey. Fancy.

RP Hooks

The Resistance - Siha's parents are active resistance members who own a tea house/safe house on Coruscant named the Tea-Siun House. Perhaps you've met them, stayed at the house, and were the receipient of their warm hospitality. Siha's connections to the resistance aren't as clearly known, though her resemblence to her parents is pretty obvious.

Defiance - You a former defiance member? Cool, you'll likely run into her at the Blue Light. Not a former defiance member? Cool, you'll likely run into her at the Blue Light.

Explorers Guild - Same as up above. She go where the credits flow.

Mandalorian? SO IS SIHA. She's the leader of Clan Tal and likes doing Mando stuffs.

Like RP? - Great! I can always find a reason to RP with whomever, for whatever reason, so don't feel afraid to page and ask!

People she knows

There are few people Siha would call friends, but plenty she'll call her fiends.