Snap Wexley

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Temmin "Snap" Wexley

Title: Captain
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Resistance
Profession: Pilot
Homeworld: Akiva
Organization: Resistance
Ship: X-Wing

Background and History

Temmin "Snap" Wexley was born on the planet Akiva to Norra and Brentin Lore Wexley. At an early age, Temmin was separated from his father, who were arrested by Imperial forces on the charge of carrying messages for the Rebel Alliance. Temmin's mother soon left Akiva to serve as a Rebel pilot. Now completely alone, Temmin learned to take care of himself at a young age, turning his parents house into a spare parts shop. During this time, Wexley repurposed an old B1 battle droid into an extremely efficient killing machine, appropriately naming it "Mister Bones". With the loss of his mother to the Rebellion and his father taken into Imperial custody, Temmin gained a certain hatred for both factions. It wasn't until an uprising against the Empire on his home planet that forced him to choose sides in the war.

He was reunited with his mother three years after her departure when she returned to Akiva to aid him against the lackeys of the Sullustan gangster Surat Nuat. Temmin took his mother on a speeder bike through Myrra; the two were pursued by several stormtroopers, whom Temmin managed to evade. Wexley and his mother were then given shelter by Esmelle, and Esmelle's wife Shirene.

Within the next thirty years, Temmin joined the Resistance and became a captain in Blue Squadron. He was given the nickname "Snap" and earned a reputation as the Resistance Starfighter Corps' best recon flier.

Personality and traits

Temmin was an extremely intelligent yet stubborn young boy; traits passed down from his parents and necessary to survive on the impoverished planet of Akiva. He had a knack for mechanical tinkering (as seen in his modification and creation of "Mister Bones") and displayed impressive abilities when piloting speeders through the narrow streets and on the rooftops of Myrra.

In his free time, Temmin Wexley liked to play the board game "Galactic Expansion."[