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Stavros Niarkos

Race: Zeltron
Sex: Male
Occupation: Vigilante
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Organization: Calamity Crew


Stavros Niarkos is a Zeltron demolitions expert, bounty hunter, commando, pilot, the former owner of the Blue Light tavern, designer and builder of The Pulse nightclub, founder of the now-disbanded Arcadia clandestine operations team, and a part of the Defiance crew.

Stav in 90 Seconds

Theme Song: "Lupin III" as performed live by Yuji Ohno & orchestra

"They call [him] a killer, and they call [him] a sinner, and they call [him] a whore."

A fellow of infinite jest, Stavros is a pleasure seeker. Unlike most other Zeltrons, he has also adapted to the company of violent men and women by becoming violent himself. He's very good at inflicting harm and avoiding harm, and he has developed a taste for it. He once led a team of smugglers, criminals, and mercenaries in a crusade to help those victimized by the powerful get some of their own back. Now he works with Defiance, with a similar goal.

In this way, he tries to use his nature for good. He likes to think it helps him sleep at night, but he's rarely lost a wink in his life. Not to conscience, anyway.


Red skin, blue hair, white teeth, and brown eyes! This Zeltron is wearing a black duster, that hangs past his knees with a green shirt underneath, dark denim pants, and durasteel-toed boots. A bracer computer is occasionally visible, strapped over his upper right arm where he can reach it without removing the coat. There's a holster at his left side, where a blaster pistol usually resides. His hair is carefully-unkempt, too carefully to be natural.


Stavros lived on a station above Zeltros, and bore a strong resemblance to the son of a wealthy family that lived on the surface. A successful kidnapping and a botched attempt at seeking ransom left him at the mercy of a criminal team. His Zeltron empathy for his captors made Stockholm syndrome inevitable. He became a sort of mascot, the child soldier of Lerris Security Services.

He resents his parents for not trying to get him back but doesn't dwell on it. Lerris Security folded, but he stayed with the core veterans as they moved on to hunting wanted criminals and fighting in Nar Shaddaa's gang wars. He crossed paths multiple times with NSec, though he was never arrested. When the veterans parted ways, Stavros needed a new crew.

Stavros is accustomed to urban wastelands. Greenery is weird.


Stavros is a Zeltron, able to sense the feelings of others. This tends to guide Zeltrons towards happy people, good times, and pleasurable experiences. Many Zeltrons find violence utterly debilitating. Fear, horror, and loss being felt by many people at the same time is more than they can process without losing themselves.

Stavros has spent most of his short life in the presence of violent men and women. He felt the pain of their injuries, their terror when dying. How he does this and still functions is a closely-held secret. What those close to him have heard is that Stavros is addicted to the adrenaline rush of battle and the camaraderie among those who have fought together. Focusing on those positive and intense feelings gets him through.

The adrenaline addiction is real, but the full story is darker.

He has the reputation, derived from his species, of being an indiscriminate lover. He prefers to think that he has a progressive and sensual personality. He hates being alone, and he doesn't hesitate to use whatever means are necessary, including murder, to protect his friends.

Stavros, as drawn by Hex
Stavros, with Sjun Noh

Since Hitting The Grid

After his prior crew split up, Stavros hunted down Sar Yavok to ask for a job. Stavros joined Rebel Yell, where he served as the resident demolitions expert, party monster, and Chief of Staff. He distinguished himself in an attack on pirates, escort jobs, attacks on Hutt commerce, and a massive slave liberation at a spice processing facility on Nal Hutta.

He also purchased the Blue Light bar. After the collapse of the Zira Hutt Cartel, he recruited fellow Zeltron and former Xanadu bartender Siya to run the place.

Several months into his service with Rebel Yell, a public row with the CEO left him and others in Rebel Yell uncertain about his standing. They made peace, and one month later, Stavros resigned his position and left the mercenary company on good terms.

His activities since then include cargo hauling and overseeing the construction of the Pulse nightclub. Some also know that, with a small team of trusted associates, he stole a load of cybernetic prostheses from a band of pirates in order to get parts to put Hex back together.

He disappeared from public view over three years ago, transferring his known assets, including the Blue Light and the Pulse, to Hex and Kasia Ashkuri to stake their Defiance group against growing Hutt Cartel power.

OOC Quotations

<Defiance> Stavros says, "He actually puts real work into technical descriptions. It's very physical"
<Defiance> Scruffy Sajin says, "Why does that sound dirty"
<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "Because Stavros said it."
<Defiance> Stavros says, "Because it's oh so right, Sajin"
<Defiance> Stavros says, "I like a pose with some heft to it, some real... physicality"
<Defiance> Scruffy Sajin says, "JEsus, I'm turned on now... wtf"
<Defiance> Stavros says, "Stay with me, Sajin. It's just the pheromones!"
<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "He's drugging you, but don't worry, he's cool"
<Defiance> Stavros says, "I'm trying not to, okay."
<Defiance> Stavros says, "It just happens sometimes"

-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "Everyone will be naked. Except Stavros. So you all get to suffer."
-(OOC)- Stavros says, "You can have my clothes when you pry them from my warm, supple body!"
-(OOC)- Javi Malek cracks knuckles. Girls, let's do this.
-(OOC)- Kasia Ciph says, "Challenge accepted."
-(OOC)- Sevrina Riggers says, "I'm so in!"
-(OOC)- Sabella Lockheart ooos...
-(OOC)- Stavros says, "..."
-(OOC)- Zhu Yan's head hits the desk.

From afar, Domino (dom) is dressed like a trollop just not a gutter trollop. Less Bubble-gum goth more like trust fund mistress. Or something

<Arcadia> Hex says, "Reconnecting to the mush it's red and blue Stav, got that fine ass empathy you want to have, up in your mix and stealin yo shit kinda feels bad about the violence but you know he can't quit"

The People

The Ships

He passed his CEC YZ-775, The Aristocrat, to Defiance for their use. The heavily-armed ship has cargo space, sharp teeth, and a highly-suggestive silhouette.