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Wookieepedia Sullustan Art



  • +10 Dexterity
  • -10 Constitution


  • Language (Sullustese)
  • Astrogate at Intelligence-level
  • Knowledge: Cartography at Intelligence-level


Small, mouse-like aliens with huge black eyes, loose jowls (called dewflaps), and pointed ears. They salivate quite often, and live underground to avoid Sullust's inhospitable atmosphere. Their ingenuity and adaptability has allowed them to created huge underground cities, and their technology has grown at an incredibly fast rate. They have an intense sense of direction, having lived in caves all their lives, and have the uncanny ability to remember a path or map exactly, even after the first time they see it. Thus, many of the Sullustans have become pilots and navigators.

Many Sullustans, after the age of 30 standard years, begin to experience corneal defects, and must be fitted with special visors.


Sullustans were outgoing and mercantile, friendly and pragmatic. As a species they were altogether lacking in xenophobia. Though fond of practical jokes and extremely shrewd in their business dealings, they were eager to explore and travel the galaxy. Inquisitive by nature, some have described Sullustans as reckless, especially for their preference to learn and discover whenever possible through personal experience.

Sullustans organized themselves into familial units known as Warren-clans. Each clan consisted of one polyandrous female, several husbands and their young. Unmated females, known as "Fems", were active members of their communities until they reached the status of "Ready" which marked their breeding years. At the outset of Ready, "Fems" chose their mates and founded their own Warren-clans.

You can find more information from the Wookieepedia entry for Sullustans


Nien Nunb was a Sullustan arms dealer and smuggler who joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He flew as the co-pilot for General Lando Calrissian aboard the Millennium Falcon during the Battle of Endor.

Height and Weight
3'8" 65lbs
3'10" 70lbs
4'0" 75lbs
4'2" 80lbs
4'4" 85lbs
4'6" 90lbs
4'8" 95lbs
4'10" 100lbs
5'0" 110lbs
5'2" 120lbs
5'4" 130lbs
5'6" 135lbs
5'8" 145lbs
5'10" 155lbs
For each inch over the height of 5'10", add 10 pounds to the average weight.