Swindor of Hale

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His Royal Highness, Duke of Swindon and Grendlby, Earl of the Inland Sea, Admiral of the Green, Rightful King of Hale

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Profession: How Quaint.
Homeworld: Hale
Organization: Royal Kingdom of Hale


The Hale system is located on the extreme edges of the Outer Rim. It has been lost to the rest of the galaxy for many thousands of years. It has only recently been rediscovered. Much of its economy and technology is primitive, though they are exceptionally skilled with biological research, and excel in the medical field.

In the past 75 standard years, Queen Tabitz, the long-lived and exceptionally well-preserved ruling monarch has led her powerful nation-state of Hale in a conquest, and reclamation of the rest of the planet. She then moved onto the pair of inhabited moons in the system, and even the dozen or so mining colonies. This was done with the newly formed Royal Space Navy(made up of relatively low-tech warships that are not capable of hyperspace), and a large standing army.

The Queen's reign showed no sign of ceasing, and she'd already outlived a handful of heirs when the focus of this article was born...

Prince Swindor windsurfing on his modest private inland sea.

The Ideal Heir

Swindor of Hale was created using genetic material provided by his mother, and a long-dead suitable royal consort. A common woman with wide, child-bearing hips was acquired, and the future King of Hale was implanted within her womb. His existence was made possible by the death of the second Swindor of Hale at the hands of an unruly mob that just happened to gain access to his palace. On his birthday. Which is mother had not attended.

The third Swindor was taught by the finest tutors, given the finest martial training, and allowed many leisurely pursuits. He tended toward athletics, and the occasional bit of lady chasing as he got older. His luck with women tended to extend as far as his wallet. Thankfully....his pockets were deep.

Captain Swindor.

Military Service, The Ideal Officer

That is not to say that Swindor was a total layabout. He, as a young man, joined the fledgling Royal Space Navy of Hale(inheritor of a long blue water naval tradition from the nation of Hale), and made quite a name for himself in military circles. It seemed as if every promotion was a record. He was the youngest man to Captain his own warship, and the youngest Commodore, in charge of his own task force...why, he was even the youngest Admiral of the Green, when they convinced him to retire. There was a logjam of young officers waiting for command, after all.

Swindor, Man of the People.

Man of the People, The Ideal Monarch

Never let it be said that Swindor of Hale was a man that did not learn from history. His brother was murdered by an angry mob, and his mother's long heavy-handed reign potentially instigated it. He wanted nothing to do with such tyranny. He was a fair officer in the service, and a just man in private life. Some of his closest confidantes were people that worked for his family, after all!

Swindor found great joy in his interactions with the more common citizens, and was overjoyed to find that they even had a moniker of endearment for their next King. In many gossip rags, and if you asked a common joe on the street...they could tell you all about good old Swindy, and his high-class endeavors. They were fans of the rumors of excess(unfounded) that swirled around his love life, as well.

Swindor and his very trustworthy best friend.

Usurpation, an Ideal Exile

As a man of the people, His Royal Highness Swindor had a broad range of drinking buddies. Most of them employed by the Crown, of course. His closest confidant was a fellow named Paulie...a real salt of the earth type. Among his cronies there were a number of individuals working in technical and support services for the royal estates, and there was nothing that the Prince enjoyed more than taking them all out for a few pints.

During one of their late night drinking escapades, Swindor suggested that it was rather unfair that he was still only the Heir to the Throne. He was nearing early middle age, and it looked as if his dratted mother would continue on living, and oppressing her subjects. He had convinced himself(and was supported by many of his close common friends) into believing that the people were ready for old Swindy to take the throne.

After a bit of intense planning, it was decided the very next morning that a loyal team of maintenance technicians would rewire one of Her Royal Highness' fancy new repulsor balconies, recently purchased outside of the system. A little crossed wire, and she'd be shot into the stratosphere. It was foolproof, and the people of Hale would be liberated to be subjects under a much more magnanimous ruler. Long Live King Swindor. That is how they toasted him.

It's funny how things turn out, though. Hale Security Brigade agents rounded up the conspirators, and strung them up. Prince Swindor was thrown into the tallest prison tower in Hale City, and locked away in comfortable solitude.

A new heir was produced...a daughter this time...and Swindon was forgotten.

Swindor still hasn't figured out why Paulie wasn't among those executed.