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Syrus grew up poor to a pair of Kiffar parents on the back-water, half-destroyed planet of Jedha. Being raised here, Syrus developed a healthy hatred of the Empire from an early age, and for good reason. When your planet was the first place to witness the might of the Death Star, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Young Syrus went to school and discovered a love for all things ancient. As he aged, he turned his eyes toward working as an archaeologist. The Church of the Force had different plans for him, though.

Syrus became a devout member of the congregation, learning to love the Force for what it is; the life force behind everything in the galaxy.

Until recently. Some months ago, the First Order, in an attempt to quash any potential threats tracked down the Church on Jedha and killed them to a man. All except for Syrus. Syrus was off on an expedition on Sullust. Well, he thought he was going to be. Getting access to the old Temple there proved impossible, and the trip was for naught. In any case, he returned to Jedha to find his family and friends massacred.

So Syrus has set out on his own, doing what he can to try and continue working. The jobs for a single archaeologist are few and far between, however.


This is quite a large man. He stands at a clear six foot, three inches, with a build like a freight train. His dark brown skin is weathered, but it isn't mirrored in his personality, obviously, as the man is always wearing a smile. He has strong facial features; a firm jaw, large nose and full lips. Long black hair is dreaded and pulled back into a ponytail. Running from beneath his right eye down to his jaw is a tattoo; a simple, blocky geometric design.

He's wearing the clothing of a traveller; a red jerkin, a pair of brown leather pants, and a pair of knee-high hiking boots. Worn over all of this is a heavy leather cloak, stiched together with what look like pieces of a myriad of different garments. Aroung his neck is a weathered, braided leather cord that holds a fixture. Hanging from the fixture is a small, non-descript crystal.

The People

None, yet