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The First Order twin-seat TIE Fighter, more strictly the TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter, is manufactured by Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems. It is the successor to the TIE/FN fighter built in huge quantities during the reign of the Empire. What was a agile scout-fighter, albeit without shields, has been upgraded to modern combat standards to include a tail-gunner, additional armament, a hyperdrive unit, ejection seats, and, most importantly, shields.


The conventional powerhouse in the TIE/sf are twin P-s6 ion engines, with their distinctive sound in atmosphere. Maneuverability is high, especially in the hands of a good pilot, making it ideal for scouting missions. The characteristic hexagonal 'wings' are mounts for the high efficiency girondium-colium solar collectors, radiative coolers for the pre-charged Deuterium power packs used for the new hyperdrive engines, and also shield spreaders for the new shielding, although they can be vulnerable to enemy fire.


The TIE fighter has been upgraded significantly from the older TIE/FN fighter. In addition to the original twin L-s9.6 laser cannons firing forwards, a Lb-14 dual heavy laser turret controlled by the gunner has the ability to direct fire in virtually any direction, while a missile launcher can be equipped with ST7 concussion missiles and Mag-pulse warheads.