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Takadona planet.png

Planetary Background and History

  "I didn't think there was this much green in the whole galaxy."

Takodana was a planet located in the Mid Rim, though it fell in the southwestern region of the galaxy known as the Western Reaches.

Covered in lush forests and small lakes, Takodana was a popular departure point that offered easy access to trade routes that connected the Inner and Outer Rim. For those heading outwards toward the galactic periphery, the planet was seen as a last taste of civilization, while those heading Corewards saw it a last grasp of frontier living. Travelers found the planet's neutrality and distance from galactic politics appealing, and as a result Takodana became a haven for fugitives, smugglers, and explorers. Takodana was known as the long-time home of Maz Kanata's castle that served as an open port to spies and dubious travelers alike.

Thousands of years prior to the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, a battle between the Jedi and Sith occurred on the planet, while Maz Kanata's castle would eventually be built over the ancient battleground.

Thirty years after the end of the Battle of Endor, Takodana was the meeting place of Han Solo, Rey, and Finn with Maz Kanata and her associates. While at the castle, Rey uncovered Skywalker's lightsaber, which called out to her in the Force. Not long afterward, their presence was reported to the First Order by Bazine Netal and a battle ensued between the Order and the Resistance, who had earlier been alerted to the presence of BB-8 by undercover serving droid GA-97. Finn took up Luke Skywalker's old saber and fought for a short time in the area surrounding Maz Kanata's castle.