Talvan Marte

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Talvan Marte

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Cargo Hauler
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 39
Height: 5'11" / 1.80m Weight: 155 lb / 70.3kg Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None Skin Color: Pale Handedness: Right

RP Hooks

For Fun and Profit

Hazardous Duties:

For the right money, he'll haul anything anywhere.


Because nobody saves money or loses it as fast as a smuggler.


He hates it and won't ship any, ever.


Born that way, living that way, likely to die that way.


He was raised and live a fair chunk of his life in the shadow of the Santhe shipyards.

Republic Law:

A weird focus of his studies, especially regarding the disposal and handling of dangerous materials.

Imperial Law:

As above, except with a weird helmet involved.

About The Job

The Bacta Queen

Asking around in any given starport will tell the average listener about a hauler who moves dangerous cargo from place to place, often to dumping zones designated for assorted cargo type. An astute observer would notice that the cargo ship named 'The Bacta Queen' is both aptly-named as well as in remarkable condition for a scow. The in-depth reviewers will note it traffics strongly along smuggler routes, keeping clear of authority-filled spaces and only drifting into normal lanes rarely - and that may not be out of pure courtesy.

To those in the know it's a smuggler's ship, and with its reputation and appearance, indeed even a function, of hauling infectious, hazardous, or toxic elements, it slides beneath notice by any given authority figures, none of whom are in a rush to examine the cargo holds of a ship openly moving such things. Thus, it makes an excellent, if unconventional, means of moving materiel and even personnel from point A to point B without stopping at Prison Colony C.


Hex As close as one can be to an angel investor with no immediate adjacency to angels.

Hadrix Quiet, kind of menacing. Runs.. pretty much everything he was looking at, really.

Sumi ..call me? Maybe.

Hahtavi A likeable person. Intense, not much for middle speeds, though very much likeable.

Jexa A treasured, now-former, employee, who understood the concept of disliking spice dealers and the trade thereof.