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Tamrae has been on her own on Nar Shaddaa for about a year, following the death of her mentor and the loss of her former ship and home in a smuggling run that went badly. She's been getting by by doing freelance mechanic work for whoever she can get work from on the Smuggler's Moon, and has managed to get some decent tools for work and a weapon or two to protect herself with. She's looking for either getting enough money to set up her own small repair shop or more likely to hire on to a ship for a more long term job to build up some cash for her own ship down the line. She's even managed to start picking up some Huttese to speak with the locals. She recently was hired by the Array Consortium as a mechanic for the Marauder corvette Bandit's Castle, a step up from her from trying to just survive in the Spaceport District of Nar Shaddaa, and a job she's very much wanting to prove herself worthy of for the experience and the security. She's also been apprenticed to Qadira Suuryet and is studying to be an engineer under her at the Spacebarn on Nar Shadda.