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Tamrae was been on her own on Nar Shaddaa for years following the death of her mentor and the loss of her former ship and home in a smuggling run that went badly, getting by doing freelance mechanic work for whoever. She was hired as a mechanic for the smuggling and security group know as the Array Consortium, run by Adhar Gann, while apprenticing herself to Qadira Suuryet, a master engineer who was part of the Wayards and ran the Spacebarn in Nar Shadda's Gearhead zone. There she trained hard to switch from a mere mechanic to an full-on engineer by rebuilding a wrecked Subpro Quadrijet she recovered from Jakku as her apprenticeship project. She rose in the ranks, becoming the chief engineer for the Marauder corvette Bandit's Castle. Following that, she was steadily promoted until she took the position of Chief Engineer for the Array flagship, the Loronar Strike Cruiser "Serious Business." When the Array sold off their shipyard on Nar Shadda, she purchased it herself, renaming it Arms Akimbo and taking it over. After the destruction of the Serious Business following the Battle of Exegol, she briefly captained the Array auxiliary YZ-775 "Ace of Coins" before Gann retired to an Outer Rim colony with his wife and new son. Without him, the Consortium dissolved. Seeing an opportunity, Tamrae arranged to purchase the Array's former base at Motesta on Tatooine, moving her shipyard business there and expanding it to over a variety of services to visitors.