Tarion Tavers

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Tarion Tavers

Title: Universal Whipping Boy
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Token Illiterate
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Organization: Calamity Crew
Ship: Parallax


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When you grow up on Nar Shaddaa, your values can end up a bit... skewed. Especially if you're a sociopath. Theme of the moment

How to Disappoint Your Parents

Tarion grew up on Nar Shaddaa, a backwater on the edge of the universe where the rule of law is almost totally unknown. His parents hoped to send him off to a naval academy to escape the circumstances they could not. Instead, he stayed and became a bounty hunter with an all-consuming greed as his only moral compass.

RP Hooks

  • Amateur Bounty Hunter: If you need someone found or retrieved, he'll help you out (for a price).
  • If the price is right...: Making money is probably his favorite thing. That means he'll sign on for just about ANYTHING if you pay him enough (coded credits not required).
  • Gearhead: Tarion can fly ships and drive vehicles. Pay him money (coded credits not required) and he will take you where you need to go.
  • Questionable Motives: Not really. It's MONEY.
  • Nar Native: Growing up on Nar means he A) knows the place and B) knows the people. If you're local, you may have history. Page me and we'll hash it out.
  • Venture Capitalist: Do you need money to start a business or secure a vessel for trading? Tarion has the capital to fund startups and is interested in doing so (THIS IS WHERE THE CODED CREDITS COME IN). Win-win!

IC Crap

In his career as a bit player on Nar Shaddaa, Tarion has succeeded in pissing off almost everyone he's come into contact with. He has been in and out of the public eye, generally as an anonymous offender creating havoc on the streets and fleeing the scene before anyone can hold him responsible. His small reputation is built primarily around the fact that he is a known troublemaker and considered an enemy of the peace and polite conversation. Most people have never heard of him, and anywhere his name is known, it is held in low regard.

Personality Type

ENTP - Strengths: Knowledgeable | Quick Thinker | Original | Excellent Brainstormer | Charismatic | Energetic

Weaknesses: Very Argumentative | Insensitive | Intolerant | Can Find It Difficult to Focus | Dislikes Practical Matters

Lyrical Interpretations of Tarion's IC Thoughts/Feelings Towards Other IC Folks


Try your hand at Ringo Bingo!

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "I'm a rebel"

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "And lazy"

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "And not that good"

<Defiance> Hex says, "Best description of you ever"

<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "That is a pretty spot on description"


-(OOC)- Hex says, "Stupid sexy Tarion"


<Defiance> Sapphira Tavers says, "So wait, is it possible that tarion's not the most hated member of Defiance?"

<Defiance> Mi dahma Zhu Yan says, "Oh no, Tarion's definitely the most hated."

<Defiance> Rheisa Dirleel says, "No"

<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "Tarion is the worst"


<Calamity Crew-OOC> Jehni'va Cihn says, "oh god"

<Calamity Crew-OOC> Jehni'va Cihn says, "are we a zoo?"

<Calamity Crew-OOC> Jehni'va Cihn says, "Are we a pitiful zoo for rich people?"

The Parallax

He flies a KSE Firespray-31 Patrol Craft named the Parallax.