Tarq Najjic

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Tarq Najjic

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Hedonist
Profession: Thief
Homeworld: Kuat
Organization: Sith Empire


Tarq Najjic is a thief whose place in the galaxy has been turned upside down. Born to the noble Najjic family on Kuat, a crime gone wrong left him raiding tombs and executing heists instead of attending soirees and yacht parties. He made his own parties with dirty money and dirty people. Another crime gone wrong with evidence of instinctive Force use left him in a First Order prison, where Malik Ren gave him a choice: die by his hand or join the Knights of Ren. Now a criminal is on the side of the law.

What happens now?

OOC Stuff

[PASS ( +5)] Darth Ferren's Jump @ (100) diff.

[PASS ( +51)] Darth Ferren's Enhance Movement @ (100) diff.

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "If you fail this jump I'm Darth Najjic"

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "Oh he's fine"

-(OOC)- Tamsin Cas says, "Foiled again, Tarq."

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "I knew he had it in him"

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "Never doubted"

-(OOC)- Darth Ferren says, "Just because I got shot doesn't mean I'm gonna die for you"

-(OOC)- Imani says, "He definitely doubted"

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "No doubt. Maybe a bit of hope, though."

-(OOC)- Imani says, "That's worse. Can I smash his hope, Ferren?"

Once upon the Long Bridge walking, as I wandered, forward stalking,
Over many a dead and smoking body of stormtrooper gore-
While I plodded, sometimes slashing, suddenly there came a flashing,
As of someone wildly thrashing, lashing at the air before.
"Tis some lunatic," I muttered, "fashion he exudes galore-"

Quoth Tarq Najjic: "Swing some more."

By Darth Ferren, regarding this scene.