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Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Cargo Hauler
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 30
Height: 6'0" / 1.84m Weight: 179 lb / 81.1kg Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown Skin Color: White Handedness: Right

RP Hooks

How It Works


It's not just a job, it's an adventure! Also, a possible prison sentence.


He was born and raised there.


There's opportunities to be had!

About The Operator

Between Ships

A few years ago, The Paramount took on a new crew member. A young Corellian named Vost Ansann. At first he seemed like another Temple and fit right in with the crew. But over the course of the two years he was a member of the crew, his needs began to change. He wanted to be a more prominent member of the crew and make more money. Considering that he was the newest member, however, that wasn't in the cards. The captain, Ran, demonstrated more patience with the young man than the rest of the crew and dismissed requests to terminate Vost's employment. The decision not to would be Gallarant's biggest mistake.

While parked on Tattoine after making a delivery, Vost, fed up with not being taken seriously and not being paid enough, sabotaged the Paramount. Just before taking off, Vost managed to leave the ship without alerting the crew, and as the ship began to lift off it was ripped apart by an explosion. Unsure of exactly what happened, Temple awoke in a medical facility alone. No members of the crew had evidently survived the blast. Devastated by the loss of his family, he did what his childhood had taught him to do: survive. He works odd jobs and delivers illicit goods whenever he needs money and travels the galaxy to make ends meet.