Th'Ta Manufacturing TA-16

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Relatively unknown, but a worthy adversary in combat, the TA-16 combat rifle packs a considerable punch for its cost and design specifications. Just over three feet in length, this grey-colored rifle is slightly larger than average, and utilizes a larger power cell than most rifles of its type. The most noticeable feature of the weapon is a toggle switch that allows it to go between semi-auto and four-round burst modes.

== Information: ==
Ranged: blaster rifles vs Dodge Ranged
Set To: Burst (Semi-Auto\Burst)
Damage: 100 wound points & 24 stun points.
Charge: 0 shots left of 100 max. (Th'Ta Powerclip)
Accura: 80%
Range: 30 optimal/200 max.
LegalC: D - Illegal
MSlots: 2 Total Mod Slots
Firing: Single shot per-combat-round.