Thalia Vasano

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Thalia doesn't have any idea who her family is or what planet she originally came from. Her mother sold her into slavery when she was still just a toddler and even now if you ask her what her mother looked like she couldn't tell you. She might have vague references of a hair color, but it's about as much as she'll admit to remembering. She remembers Kafrene though, the smell of the outpost. She hates it there. She was sent to different planets in her early life. She learned that it was better to not fight with her 'owners' when she was in her teens. Kept from getting beaten or worse.

She has been on Tatooine for the past five years and has until recently worked in the role of a Courtesan for one of the smuggling groups there. It was not something that she enjoyed. She mainly made sure that people were healed after altercations and entertained via dancing and other methods. They made a trip back to Kafrene to pick up new slaves when a group decided to liberate those that were going up for auction and in turn her. Which has left her in quite the space pickle given things.

RP Hooks

  • Haggling: Miss Vasano is rather good at getting a lower price.
  • Medical Training: It was part of her extensive training. She is used to keeping folks stable and alive.
  • New Life: Thalia's settling in to free life and trying to find a steady job.


Stavros - Helped him out with a medical emergency. Seems like a decent fellow.
Aldo Kohr - He makes me think that if anyone touches the kids he looks after that there will be a lot of broken bones, or blaster holes.
Percy - A very paranoid Doctor who assumed I was going to try to kill him. Job interviews are never boring.