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"...there's a splinter of the Republic military that...that feels the Republic isn't taking certain threats as seriously as they maybe ought to be taking them. Specifically the threat posed by the First Order."
- Poe Dameron


From the Ashes of Rebellion

The Resistance is a small private force created by Princess Leia Organa to keep watch on the movements of the First Order.
Though she petitioned the New Republic government for support, she found the politics of the Senate too slow and too mired in self-interest to be of any help. The New Republic tolerateed the Resistance, though it was wary of risking war with the First Order, right up until the Hosnian Cataclysm.

The upper levels of the Resistance consist primarily of veterans of the Galactic Civil War who have remained loyal to Princess Leia Organa. Many of the New Republic politicians who rebuilt the Senate thought the best way to preserve peace was to disband the galactic-scale military forces that had become the norm since the Clone Wars. This left many skilled veterans without commands. When Leia began organizing a Resistance to stand watch against the militarized rise of the First Order, these old rebels were ready for the fight.

A secret detachment was assigned to the Smuggler's moon known as Nar Shaddaa. Known as The Kath Hounds they were located in a hidden base known as Hound Base.

Until the First Order found them.

Operating out of the frigate Renegade, the Resistance kept up its hit and run opposition to the First Order across many months and systems, until the Liberation of Naboo, which allowed the creation of Beacon Outpost on the moon of Rori.

When the Order returned to Naboo, the Resistance was able to buy some evacuation time by using its War Hammer for destruction - a final time - by splitting the Supremacy in two. It was unable to fire a second time and was destroyed. The Resistance reformed in the Ajara system, taking refuge in the base on Ajan Kloss. It was there that they received the transmission detailing directions to Exegol and there that they launched their craft to engage in the the Battle of a Thousand Generations [1].

Since the events on Exegol, the Resistance has combined efforts with the New Republic remnant and liberated Mon Calamari. They have said farewell to their beloved Princess and General, Leia Organa, and recognize her successor - Aryn Cole.

The Military


An organized group, the Resistance has a designated rank system for members in both the Resistance army and navy.

Militarily, the Resistance was forced to make do with outdated and aging equipment unlike the New Republic, and was so undermanned that most of its personnel were forced to do double duty as scanner technicians, droid programmers, starship mechanics and regular foot soldiers.

Many of the youngest kids were used to fill out the ranks of the Starfighter Corps, and were recruited from local planetary defense forces. Spirited and idealistic, many of the pilots formed a close-knit bond, and were eager to bring the fight to the First Order. As a symbol in their struggle against the First Order, the Resistance adopted the starbird once used by the Rebel Alliance. The symbol adorns the helmets of Resistance starfighter pilots.

Owing to its lessened pool of manpower, the Resistance placed a greater emphasis on treating the wounded and returning them to duty, and as a result finding medical equipment was a high priority. Resistance troopers commonly utilized the BlasTech EL-16HFE blaster rifle, and were ferried into combat on Resistance transports, which were heavily modified transports assembled from varying vessels from previous wars. Gian-211 patrol speeders and an army of droids helped keep the Resistance up and running, with many robotic workers given more responsibility and independence than elsewhere in the galaxy and seen as more than just droids, which was a continuation of the ideas of the Rebel Alliance. Many protocols of the Rebel Alliance also remained in use, with code K-one-zero signaling the evacuation of a base, which was most notably used during the Battle of Hoth.

The Best Starfighter Pilots in the Galaxy


Flight Ops/Naval Forces

With various assets and some of the best pilots in the galaxy on hand, no mission for them is too big or too small. Intercept, ground support or humanitarian supply, these folk can get the job done. And they do it very well.


Fleet Support

The ones who keep those idiot pilots actually flying, and those troopers shooting.


Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

When the Republic became too trusting of precariously bartered peace between itself and the Empire, and began dismantling the Army's special forces, the doers of the military's dirtier work became idle hands. With them, a malcontent Leia shaped the foundation of her own army. It's small. It's scrappy. It's command conferences might resemble the geriatric ward of a medbay, but dammit, they aren't ready to roll over and retire yet. The bulk of the boots are filled by a younger generation, one reared on stories and legends of the heroic times their parents and grandparents lived through. Fought through. Now they, too, are answering a General's call to arms. To Resist.

Ground forces are composed of a variety of talents. Demolitions specialists, riflemen, scouts, undercover operatives, medical officers, social workers, machinists, technicians, culinary 'experts', and even janitorial staff. People from all walks of life can find a way to serve the cause and contribute to the daunting task of exposing the cryptic First Order for the evil that it is. As with the Starfighter Corps, Army operations have been executed on small scale, relying heavily on hit-and-run tactics to thwart FO aggression, raid FO supplies, perform recon, or embark on search-and-rescue ops. The two branches work closely together, rely heavily upon one another, and it's not unheard of for there to be overlap of personnel.


Those that gave it all in sacrifice to the cause of the Resistance. They are remembered as heroes!