The Shadowport

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"...Of course it's stolen. Did you expect anything different?"
-- Zhu Yan

Who are we?

The Shadowport. Note the eyes! Its haunting expression conveys its confusion at its inability to express its emotions!

Well, a couple of different things.

The Shadowport the Group is a loosely-aligned group of loosely-like-minded individuals that bring a wide range of disparate solutions to the problems they face, problems almost always of their own making. Led by a hotshot smuggler who is allergic to the truth and a runaway from the literally cutthroat Hapan nobility scene, they lie, they cheat, and they steal their way through the stars.

The Shadowport the Ship is a (very stolen) Baleen-class Heavy Freighter officially named the Binks Whaling Company Heavy Freighter Zero Zero One (BWC-HF-001). Unofficially, it's referred to as the Space Whale, the Shadowport, and "please don't break in half when we hyper", amongst other things. It is mainly hangar and cargo containers, some hollowed out, some full of crap that haven't been opened in years. Members of The Shadowport (the group) mostly live on The Shadowport (the ship).


We steal things and make poor choices.

Joining Criteria

So, we're not really bringing people in right now (with the very rare exception) because holy crap the roster is full but, in the event that the org does open up to recruitment, here's the things we're looking for:

  • Trash: There is a lot of fun in failure and we fail a lot. Not taking things too seriously is pretty much mandatory.
  • Longer than two weeks on grid: There's a lot of value in unattached civilian RP, and that getting those first couple of weeks in without tying yourself down is invaluable for sussing things out. If you still appear in the RP Beacon section of +noms, you haven't been around long enough.



BWC-HF-001's Firepower

  • Two tractor beams.
  • Whatever docked starships are available.
  • A comm unit and Zhu Yan's command of the Ryl language.