Theta-class Shuttle

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Cygnus Spaceworks

Theta-class T-2c Personal Transport

Personal Transport

210,000 Credits

Max Space Speed

Hyperdrive rating
Class 1

Laser Cannon (1)
Quad Laser Cannons (2)


Minimum crew


Cargo capacity
30 metric tons

Personnel Shuttle
Troop Transport

Background and History

The Cygnus Spaceworks Theta-class T-2c shuttle, also known as the Theta-class T-2c Personnel Transport, was a tri-winged personnel transport craft, most often used by influential senators, officers, and courtiers to travel between planets and starships while maintaining high levels of security. Newly appointed Emperor Palpatine used one to save the maimed and burned Darth Vader from the volcanic world of Mustafar.

The shuttle's long wings projected powerful shielding fields, which were used for both defense and added stability in atmosphere. In flight, the lower two wings were extended to either side of the shuttle, but during landing, the wings folded up to bracket the hull and concentrate shield energy on the main body. The Theta-class transport was both fast and agile thanks to its powerful sublight engines. It also had an internal Class 1 hyperdrive.

The Theta-class shuttle could not rely on speed alone, however, while transporting important dignitaries between worlds. Thus, it was equipped with twin forward-mounted quad laser cannons and a high-powered tail gun. Both the quad and standard laser cannons could be computer-controlled or operated manually from a combined communications and gunnery station in the reinforced cockpit. Upon landing, the shuttle computer surveyed the area for potential dangers, ready to open fire at enemies in an instant. The shuttle could accommodate about five crew members, though it could be flown by a single experienced pilot.

Palpatine's own T-2c was upgraded by Warthan's Wizards, the best starship technicians in the galaxy at the time. The Wizards added a hyperwave reflector for trans-galactic communication that rivaled the quality of the secret Jedi homing devices. Palpatine's shuttle also featured sensor masks to hide whatever secrets the shuttle's interior held from conventional scanners. During flight, Palpatine's shuttle was often escorted by elite V-wing starfighters that were upgraded to be equipped with internal hyperdrives and improved shields.