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Planetary Background and History

"One does not breathe the air here, one drinks it."
-- Fliry Vorru

Thyferra, in the Inner Rim's Polith system at galactic coordinates L-14, is the homeworld of the Vratix people. Approximately half of the planet's surface is covered by the alazhi bacteria, while most of the other half is covered by rainforest. The climate is very hot, and even more humid, leading to non-natives feeling very uncomfortable in the oppressive heat, and natives suffering from the biting cold when off-world.

Since the Vratix had discovered how to create bacta from alazhi and kavam, the planet became an important Republic world, drawing profit-hungry human colonists. The Vratix shared the secret of bacta production with their Human neighbors, who eventually gained control of the bacta industry and hired many of the natives as workers in their bacta plants. Eventually, Thyferra was almost completely controlled by two Human-run corporations: Zaltin and Xucphra. These two corporations were chosen by Emperor Palpatine to supply the Empire's bacta, thus eliminating any real competition in the bacta market. By the year 1160 if had a population of 117 million, of which fourteen million were Human.

The Polith sector is an early stop on the Rimma Trade Route before leading on to Eriadu and Sullust. The closest hyperjump along the trade route is Yag'Dhul, the semi-lawless home of the Givin with constantly-shifting ownership that nonetheless serves as a bridge to the Corellian Trade Spine and profits beyond. To many traders operating out of Thyferra, it is the first stop when departing, and the final one when returning home.

Thyferra is one of many planets with a First Order vessel stationed in orbit, in order to maintain control over what is arguably the galaxy's most crucial resource. Business on the planet, however, operates mostly as usual as interfering in any major way with the bacta trade has galaxy-spanning economic repercussions.

Arvel Crynyd, the A-Wing pilot who sacrificed himself to destroy the Executor, was from Thyferra, as is Zhu Yan, but he will never ever admit it.