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Planetary Background and History

   "One does not breathe the air here, one drinks it." 
   ―Fliry Vorru

Thyferra was a hot, humid planet located in the Polith system on the Rimma Trade Route, on which most of the galaxy's bacta was produced. It was also a major political power as bacta production was an essential commodity.

Thyferra, in the Inner Rim's Polith system at galactic coordinates L-14, and was the homeworld of the Vratix people.

The Vratix had already colonized many celestial bodies in the Polith system when they were in first contact with the Galactic Republic around 4100 BBY.

Since the Vratix had discovered how to create bacta from alazhi and kavam, the planet became an important Republic world, drawing profit-hungry human colonists. The Vratix shared the secret of bacta production with their Human neighbors, who eventually gained control of the bacta industry and hired many of the natives as workers in their bacta plants.