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The Ranov'la Prudiise (formerly Titan's Fist) is an Amphibious Interstellar Assault Transport/infantry (AIAT/i), a type of gunship used by the Galactic Republic's Judicial Forces as a troop transport in the decades before the Clone Wars. As its name implies, it is capable of landing in any sufficiently large body of water and acting as a watercraft. Currently, it is owned and captained by Maeti Distayre, though it formerly belonged to Borias Temerian of the mercenary unit Titan as the Titan's Fist.


The Ranov'la Prudiise is 31.5 meters long, 12.5 meters high, and has a 30-meter wingspan, all propelled by a pair of oversized sublight engines. At full capacity, it can carry either 300 cubic meters of cargo, or a mix of 50 troops, one repulsorlift vehicle, four speeder bikes, one IM-6 battlefield medical droid, and six prisoners. It consists of three main decks.

Only accessible from the interior via the command deck below it, the engineering deck is the topmost deck. Access hatches to the ship’s outer hull can be opened from inside during repairs. Just forward of the ladder from the bridge is an intersection of passages. Towards the bow are the ship's concussion missile tubes and a small loading station sealed with an armored security blast door. To starboard, is the starboard gunnery station and the main engineering station, right next to the ship's hyperdrive. To port is the port gunnery station and a small machine shop filled with tools, workbenches, and spare parts. Both gun turrets are self-contained and designed to seal, reorient relative gravity, and rotate with the guns when in use, with the two forward gunnery turrets capable of being slaved together for linked firing in the absence of sufficient gunners. To the stern is a short intersection that runs the length of the wings, giving access to the sublight systems, as well as the main cargo lift shaft and a storage hold.

The command deck is the middle deck, accessible from outside by a pair of boarding hatches behind the bridge. The bridge itself contains a pilot and copilot station at the fore, with additional stations for sensors, communications, engineering to starboard and two passenger stations to either side of the holographic navi-computer display to port. Aft of the bridge is a passage past a small refresher station to the crew quarters. The passage continues aft, with two ladders set midway down one going down to the lounge on the lower deck, the other going up, with the ship's main computer to starboard and the larger captain's cabin to port.

The lowest deck is the cargo deck, which is accessed via the aft ramp, or via a small door leading to a boarding ramp, that doubles as a boarding ring. The ramp leads into the main cargo hold, fourteen meters long, ten meters wide, and eighteen meters high. A repulsor cargo lift is near the center of the hanger, capable of moving supplies and munitions to the engineering deck. Through a wide opening on the aft wall is the ship’s lounge, including a monitoring station, a holo-terminal, and a wide bench with a programmable gaming table. Just opposite the monitoring station is a short hallway leading to the tiny medbay, that contains a pair of bunks and space for a medical droid, currently empty, with a ladder in the hall leading up to the command deck. On the other side of the bulkhead from the medbay is the galley and mess-hall, which seats eight. Further aft is additional storage space and a small armory, with a pair of refreshers in the aft wall.


The Ranov'la Prudiise retains its standard weapon loadout, consisting of 4 forward -mounted concussion missile launchers, 2 forward turreted dual laser cannons, and one rear laser cannon. Three gunners normally man these weapons, though the two forward turrets linking to the gunnery station on the engineering deck or command deck to be fired by one gunner.

Deck Plans

(left to right: engineering, command, cargo)

AIAT eng.jpgAIAT command.jpgAIAT cargo.jpg