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A female twi'lek can be seen here. Proportions wise, she's nothing special, especially compared to most females of her species. A slender figure with not much in the curves department and standing at somewhere around five and a half feet tall, probably less. Her skin tone probably stands out much more noticably, being a rather vibrant pink. Even for a lethan twi'lek she'd likely stand out. Her vibrant, green eyes only add to this.


Raised by a clan of Jawas on Tatooine, she recently left her clan to set out on her own. While offering her services as a mechanic around Mos Eisley she encountered the freighter captain Naldana Bienaenn and joined his crew. She travelled to Nar Shaddaa after that and eventually signed on with the Array Consortium. Frequently found either on their flagship, the Serious Business, or on Nar Shaddaa.


Adhar Gann: Bossman! Runs the Array Consortium, he's an alright guy. Works too hard.

Sion: You are a -terrible- influence on people in a fun kind of way!

Neebray: So grumpy and full of hate. (You know you love us :P)

Kaelyn: Fellow Consortium mechanic, apparently have quite a few things in common with her. Don't have her energy though!

RP Hooks

Mechanic: Need some repairs or basic maintenance on something? Look her up!

Engineer-in-Training: Tovana is working to further hone her mechanical skills to become a full fledged engineer and work on starship design and construction, interested in roleplay with characters that could help her along with this!

Array Consortium: She's a member, so available for roleplay with fellow members of course! Can be found on their flagship when there's work to be done.

Nar Shaddaa: When not on the Consortium's flagship she tends to frequent Nar Shaddaa. Could bump into her somewhere there, particularly the Emerald Club or one of the spaceports.