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The Traders Union formed in the year 1158 as a loose gathering of independent traders and businessfolk on Nar Shaddaa, who were threatened by the chaos and piracy that grew following the collapse of the Republic. For strength in numbers, and to avoid being swallowed up by larger cartels or criminal organizations, they work together to develop and defend each other's interests. Aspiring traders, without the means to acquire vessels of their own are welcomed to work aboard a communal freighter, to earn revenues toward their own craft.


Are you Resistance or First Order aligned?

As a group, the Traders Union is apolitical. We will always favor safer space lanes, lower tariffs, and reduced regulation of trade. There used to be a Federation to take care of this sort of thing, but that got stupid.

Individual members may of course favor whichever larger groups they wish, so long as private politics do not jeopardize the Union at large.

What are the standards for membership?

We have no standards.

Okay, we do, but they are very low. Basic membership only requires being in or adjacent to some mercantile profession (trader, pilot, banker, mechanic, etc), and taking part in our +events when you can.

Partners are members who have made some significant contribution to the union at large (helping gain or upgrade out communal ship, paying for a hangar, or headquarters, etc.) and are entitled to a portion of trade profits.

Then there are the non-members who join us for +events, sometimes. Mercenaries might be hired for security, specialists might be hired to take care of specific needs on salvage, repair, or recovery missions. If non-members want to join us for a scene, contact the event GM, and we'll try to get you involved.

Union Rules

1. Service and refuel the comapny car after using it (unless you're on Naboo or Coruscant: gas prices be ridic, yo).

2. Repay all loans from Union members.

3. Assist fellow members in need.

4. Avoid (being caught in) illegal activites. We are an honest and respectable organization.