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== Trillian Taim ==


Trillian Taim is a human female and a part-time trader and pilot, as well as serving as the co-pilot of the FRT Varactyl. Nar Shaddaa is her adopted home, after becoming a member of the Defiance organization and after her family had been chased off of Corellia by the First Order occupation. She's quiet and introspective and prone to bouts of mild panic as she's trying to make her way in the galaxy.


Trillian is the youngest daughter of Marion and Teresa Taim, a pair of Coruscant ex-patriots who relocated to Corellia in the waning days of the Imperial regime. The Taim family runs a small refueling station and spaceship repair shop, focusing mainly on servicing the many freighters that fly into and out of Corellia on a regular basis. Trillian's three older brothers are all pilots themselves, flying with various organizations. Trillian, growing up quite sheltered, was encouraged not to follow in the footsteps of her older siblings, and instead was encouraged to attend school, showing an aptitude for mathematics and engineering. Trillian, on the other hand, had other ideas. Growing up around a family of pilots and mechanics, she begged her older siblings and her father for flying lessons, and has racked a lot of hours in both the school flight sim, as well as a battered old unit that her brothers had built when they were younger. She doesn't have a lot of practical experience yet, but helped around the family shop, moving ships around the repair area, as well as driving the many vehicles the family used in their day-to-day operations. When Trillian graduated from the Corellian academy with top honors, she begged her parents to let her try to become a pilot. Begrudgingly, her parents allowed her to sign on with a family friend to get some practical experience piloting freighters on short interstellar jumps. After a sheltered childhood, she is enamored with the freedom that being a pilot provides her. She's now starting to spread her wings (figuratively speaking), and has started taking on her own contracts to continue gaining experience.

After the First Order occupation of Corellia, Trillian's parents were able to escape with the help of Captain Adhar Gann as well as Ax and Qaydia of the Waywards. They briefly stayed with her on Nar Shaddaa before relocating again to Naboo.

Where is She Now?

Trillian wandered about for a few years now and usually just hopped from job to job, trusting (naively so) that the job will work out for the better. For the most part, she had been successful in this endeavor, but every so often, she encountered some less than savory characters. She's been lucky most of the time that it hasn't ended badly for her, but (as it has with so many others), her last job with a decidedly less-than-legal freighter job left her stranded on Nar Shaddaa. The captain of the freighter had hired Trillian to be their pilot in order to get through a few heavily-guarded checkpoints, trusting that the young girl would serve as a distraction, lending the ship enough legitimacy to make it through the checkpoint unscathed. Trillian, meanwhile, had been offered a large sum of credits which she had sorely needed, having run down her personal finances through a particularly lean period of scarce jobs. The job was successful, but the captain of the freighter found Trillian to be uncooperative in his more... amorous pursuits, and when rebuffed, decided to dump her when she had served her purpose. Trillian, now broke and penniless was forced to live for a few days at the Nar Shaddaa spaceport, desperately looking for work. After a few days and sleepless nights, she found herself caught in a rainstorm outside of a small bar in the Corellian District, and decided to wander in to get out of the rain.

It was in the Blue Light that she ran into Hex and Kasia Ashkuri. The two graciously took pity on the bedraggled girl, and she somehow found herself in the employ of the charismatic Twi'lek and his beautiful wife, and joined the Defiance Barter & Acquisitions Guild as a pilot, and part-time waitress at the Blue Light. As a member of the eminent organization on Nar Shaddaa, she found herself in the company of many talented and unique individuals, sharing in their various misadventures. She's grown somewhat in confidence, thanks to her new family... but she still gets flustered easily and often overwhelmed.

After working on her own as an independent space trader for some time, she met Darius Wildes and his fiance Vasani. After a few initial adventures together, the dashing duo invited Trillian to join their crew. Looking for a change of pace, Trillian accepted and is now a part of their crew as well as being dear friends. The trio works extremely well together, and it wasn't long before a budding romance started between the three of them. For good or ill, Trillian has fallen in love with both Darius and Vasani, and has become engaged to the couple in the Mandalorian tradition.

People She Has Met, and What She Thinks of Them

Trillian has made a lot of new acquaintances in a short amount of time, since joining Defiance. These are her preliminary impressions so far...


Darius Wildes - Captain Wildes of the FRT Varactyl is a fellow trader (she thinks) and as of late, one of her darling fiancees. While cavalier and with a reckless penchant for not following rules and/or prescribed ways of doing things... Darius Wildes is a complex and contradictory individual. Possibly a space cowboy. Also, possibly space mogul Fjord Mooters in a cunning disguise.

Vasani - Trillian's best friend, lover and other darling fiancee. True blue, loyal, effervescently cheerful and as sensual as she is kind... Giant lizard aside... she is awesome and Trillian is absolutely enamored with her. The two are inseparable (despite Vasani's continued insistence that Trillian try out all the new costumes that their shop on Coruscant produces).

Hex - A good man. Or... a man trying to do good. Trillian has never met somebody who cares about his family as cavalierly and as deeply as he does. He saved her life, though, so she owes him a life debt.

Kasia Ashkuri - They say behind every good man is a greater lady. This is that lady. Trillian has a deep and abiding love for Kasia, as she's shown her far greater kindness than anybody outside of her own family.

Naelyn - Mysterious. Exotic. Highly addictive. Trillian is honestly not sure what to make of Naelyn yet. But she finds herself inexplicably tongue tied around him. But she also feels incredibly plain and dull in comparison... she's not sure why somebody as amazing like him would associate with a plain Jane like herself.

Tarion Tavers - Tarion is loud, obnoxious and kind of a jerk. He constantly makes fun of Trillian and is drunk. He likes money.

Rheisa Dirleel - An enigmatic muse. Very intriguing. And a little scary. Trillian's not sure what to make of her yet, but she is drawn to her enigmatic personality.

Jehni'va Cihn - A talented pilot. A free spirit, fiercely independent. Sometimes hosts Defiance Family Movie Night. She has a giant Anooba.

Sajin - A fellow org-mate and due to a misadventure on Defiance Family Movie Night, Trillian now knows that Sajin put himself through janitorial college by starring in some... um... art... films...

Grom - Big. Scary. Boy am I ever glad he's on our side.

Zhu Yan - A trader that moves in some very interesting circles... Zhu Yan sold Trillian his X-Wing (Heartbreak One). Trillian finds him intriguing, and has considered him as a possible business partner.

Stavros - Philanthropic playboy. And possibly a smuggler. Trillian's not 100% sure what Stavros does.


Sapphira Solari - Sapphira Yavok née Solari is a lot of things that Trillian wishes she was. Confident, exciting, well-liked by everybody. She knows that they share some common interests in mechanics and engineering.

Sar Yavok - What can be said about a war hero, a bad-ass in a leather jacket, and a general scoundrel and rogue? Absolutely not to be trusted. Unless your life depends on it. In which case, listen to what he has to say.

Corr Waldin - A gruff, grizzled veteran. Not much for words. Kind of scary.

Adhar Gann - The infamous Captain Gann, leader of the Array Consortium. A trader and a spacer, Trillian's run into him a few times now off-planet, and he's had some friendly advice about making her way about the galaxy. Seems like a nice fellow.

Mandl - Bith extraordinaire. Member of the Array Consortium. Master geologist, expert in computer systems and all-around nice guy. His quick wit and amicable personality make him a pleasure to hang out with.

David Ironside - Resistance pilot. Pretty sure I can outfly him if needed.