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After bouncing across the Galaxy avoiding the Pirate Lord Nym and the bounty he had placed on her head, a situation now resolved, Tylin has found her calling. And a home. She now leads the Corellian Rangers as they fight to free Corellia from the clutches of the First Order and the criminal organizations that have taken root.


Tylin is a slip of a young lady. She is slim, not muscular and looks like easy prey for those out to do harm. Blonde hair, steel-blue eyes and a figure that is clearly female. She has small feet and dainty hands. She wears clothes that look like they came from Desert World Fashion. Softly spoken and extremely intelligent, there is more to this young lady than meets the eye.

Background - OOC unless learned ICly

Tylin, born Tylin Creel was moved by her parents at a very early age to Lok, the Pirate Lord Nym's controlled world. She never knew for a fact but realized that her parents, who really didn't want the child around, were part of Nym's gang. At age 5, while nearly starving to death she met a man named Dom. A slicer for Nym. Dom pretty much took Tylin and and began her training as a slicer. Over the years Tylin grew from the skinny rat that he found to the woman she would be come. Her training also grew under the guidance of Dom. At age 15 Dom grew worried that Nym had his eye on the young girl as she now passed the skills of Dom's with her own and was showing him new ways to do things.

Dom taught Tylin how to fly his CEC GT-B8 Gambit called Surprise. He also told her that should anything happen she was to take the ship and run, never look back.

Tylin took his advice and actually took it a step further. She began to siphon off bits of credits from Nym's own accounts and hiding them in accounts she set up and constantly moved to other new accounts. But the theft was found out and Nym sent his goons to confront Dom, thinking he was the thief. They killed Dom and Tylin saw it happen. She ran got what she could carry and bolted off with the Surpise and kept running. Living off some of the credits she stole. Along the way the Gambit that used to be known as Surprise had a name change to Paradox.

She hid for nearly three years, hoping to throw off Nym's goons and now has emerged on Nar Shadda, willing to ply her trade of slicing but always keeping an eye over her shoulder should she have to run again.

Now she has freed herself from Nym and currenty leads the band of Freedom Fighters known as the Corellian Rangers.

RP Hooks

  • Tylin is from the planet Lok. Maybe you have passed by there visiting the Pirate Lord Nym
  • A slicer with a bit of reputation in the black net world and goes by the handle of Skye
  • Spent two years hiding on Ord Mantell after escaping Lok
  • Spent a year of continued hiding on Corellia after having to run from Ord Mantell
  • Word is out that the Pirate Nym of Lok is looking for a blond haired slicer that goes by Skye and a reward is offered.
  • Oh yea, she loves ice and now she's found Ice Cream which is incredible, just ask her.
  • Leader of the Corellian Rangers


Funny stuff

  • When Sajin hears Luka's voice his eys widen a bit. It was him... the naked man. The one who caused him such embaressment in front of him employer... Though Oriana if she hadn't stepped away to do some buisness, would have wanted him to interact a bit more instead of instantly retreating into the hanger as per his current instincts. So blinking, his Hazel eyes finding the new commer and Tylin's, what he could only guess, love interested because she was half naked too when he stumbled across them on the couch. Who knows what they were doing... lord. He was thinking about it too much, his cheek becoming red. He closes his eyes and mumbles something to himself, taking a deep breath before spurting out loudly and in a stutter... "Hey Ballsack..." And it takes a moment for Sajin to realize what he just said and then his hand goes to his mouth. "I mean... sh..." He turns and starts to almost rush back towards the hanger.


Tylin's daily wear
Ty daily.jpg
Tylin's meeting wear
Planet Lok
Home, don't look back
Nym, Pirate lord of Lok.
Me and my best friend in the Galaxy. Desert Rats by Hex!
Ty's datapad