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Ufepideu AKA "Ufe" OR "Poofy" OR just "Oof"

Title: Darth (just kidding)
Race: Twi'Lek
Sex: Femake
Occupation: Engineer
Profession: Slave
Homeworld: Ryloth
Organization: Black Sun
Ship: None


Ufepideu is an engineer who was sold into slavery by her previous crew of smugglers. She now resides as a bar slave. It isn't a position well suited for her, as she is a terrible dancer, and most patrons don't really want to hear about the intricacies of hyper-drive engines. It is too bad your average cantina doesn't have a need for an engineer. She has tried explaining her situation to her owners, but the money has already been exchanged, and well lets be honest. No one really cares what a Twi'lek dancer has to say. She is less than thrilled by her present situation, but still seems to take things in stride. Her goal in life is to make it back onto a ship... it is also to get out of slavery, but those are just fine details.


She is blue. Very Blue! Besides a pair of yellow eyes, just about everything about her is... well blue. The rest of her is fairly medeocre. Blue, but medeocre. She doesn't appear fit, strong, dextrous, or well fed, she simply seems... blue. A typical... run of the mill... very boring blue Twi'lek.

Her blueness was broken up by wild lines of a pink tattoo that wrapped around her frame. The pink ink had an almost harlequin like design. It started from her left lekku, spiraled down her opposite breast, and eventually ended at the top of her left foot.