Ulani Kalgaav

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Ulani Kalgaav

Title: Techie, Lady-to-Be
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Tech & Demolitionist
Profession: Droid Programmer
Homeworld: Kuat
Organization: Aldera Squadron


The Sheltered Life

Born and raised exclusively on Kuat, Ulani lived an incredibly isolated life. Governed by her father and two older brothers, she really didn’t want for anything. Their family were quite well-off and Ulani was able to spend her formative years learning various technology-based skills from her father.

It wasn’t until she was twenty-one that Ulani left her homeworld for the first time. Taking her little sister with her, Ulani made her way to the planet of Chandrilla. Her sister and she got the cheapest, one-room apartment they could find and jobs at a nearby steakhouse and repair shop, respectively. In her spare time, Ulani builds small prototype droids that often malfunction and tinkers with various concepts and ideas.

A Night in the Park

Taking the long way home from work one night, Ulani was strolling through the park when her prototype droid veered off the path suddenly. Following it, she found T2-1 buzzing around a peculiar-looking BB unit and a man sitting on a bench nearby. Amused, he offered her a seat and introduced himself as Poe Dameron. Disarmed by a contagious laugh and a friendly demeanor, Ulani sat with him and they had what can only be called a fateful conversation.

She still doesn’t understand how it happened, but she told this man about where she came from and her true reason for being on Chandrilla: a dangerous confession to say the least. Rather than turn her over to the authorities, as she had been planning to do, he spoke of redemption: a word and philosophy that meant a great deal to Ulani. Then he walked her home and promised they’d meet again.

It wasn’t until later, when speaking to Bors Thul and Shemar – two men with connections to Poe – that it was revealed Poe was a General within the New Republic. A week later, she found herself in the hangar of Black Squadron with General Poe and Commander Jessika Pava being recruited onto the support staff of the squad. A chance to truly make a difference and stop the machinations of the First Order and she would have that chance to start very quickly.

On the Battlefield

After her recruitment, Ulani was quick to send her sister Nestra somewhere safe and that place was New Alderaan. With her sister under the protective care of the noble Thul family, Ulani began her career as a member of the infamous Black Squadron. On the war-torn fields of Corellia, her first several missions were at the targeting consoles of a New Republic hovertank. It is here that she met more eccentric members of the squadron: Ektor, a reformed (?) pirate and Lofty, a fizzyglug-guzzling talz.

Panic and terror were in short order. Thrust into battle, it was sink or swim and Ulani struggled to cope with this new reality. Concussive blasts of enemy fire blowing craters into the already pock-marked ground and the chaotic chatter over the comms seared into her memory. It was during those harrowing hours – through successfully jamming the First Order communications and aiding in Ektor’s targeting at the turrets – that she earned the callsign “Techie.”

To Kuat and Back

Over the next several months, Ulani adjusted to her new life on Chandrila. She and Bors began their romantic relationship, she’d travel to New Alderaan to visit her sister, and time outside of missions was spent indulging in hobbies such as gardening and – her passion – designing, repairing, and building droids. The fear of her father’s ire or retaliation from the First Order faded away and she became content in the path she had chosen.

It came as a genuine shock when one of her visits to New Alderaan saw her confronted by two Mandalorian bounty hunters tasked with returning her and her sister alive. Bors attempted to protect her, but ultimately fell and Ulani was rendered unconscious and flown back to the weapons research compound on Kuat that she had once called home. This place, the K&E Research Facility, is where her old life and new life came to a head.

Against the insurmountable odds, the members of Black Squadron infiltrated the heavily guarded Kalgaav Estate in a rescue mission. While their efforts were successful, Ulani’s father Havelock was slain in his attempt to stop them. In the aftermath, Ulani came to terms with the loss of her father yet the freedom his death allows her. And there are still her two brothers. Perhaps she can at least save them.


Havelock Kalgaav Father (deceased) - Ulani's relationship with her father was complicated. On the one hand, he had raised her with a gentle hand and taught her everything she knows. On the other, he kept her isolated from the outside world and indoctrinated to the efforts of the First Order. He was slain by the Black Squadron during a rescue mission. Ulani mourns the loss of her father, but understands that he was never going to change his ways.
Lazlo Kalgaav Brother - As the eldest child, the expectations were laid heavy on him and he took that and ran with it. Lazlo is a stoic, distant, and professional man unwavering dedicated to the First Order and his family. He is also emotionally distant making Ula's relationship with him tenuous. Since the death of their father, Lazlo has stepped into the role as head of the Kalgaav family. It is a role he takes quite seriously and there is vengeance on his mind.
Aeric Kalgaav Brother - As the second child and second son, Aeric was born in the shadow of his older brother. He was always more approachable and friendlier than Lazlo yet had the same drive to serve both the Order and the family. Of the men in her family, Ulani truly believes Aeric is the one that can be saved from the path he was forced upon. It's more complicated since their fahter's death and her defection fully to the New Republic.
Nestra Kalgaav Sister - The youngest sibling, Nestra was only fifteen when Ulani took her and escaped their home on Kuat. While on the run from the First Order for her older sister's transgressions, it was arranged for Nestra to be kept safe as a ward of the House of Thul on New Alderaan. She is Ulani's greatest treasure whom she must protect at all costs.
Poe Dameron Black Leader -The most unlikely of saviors yet the perfect one to find her days before Ulani turned herself in to the Republic authorities. A General in the New Republic, Poe took Ulani under his wing; bringing her into the Black Squadron to fight against the First Order and the machinations she had inadvertently helped create. He is an unpredictable yet inspiring man who is quick to put himself into the thick of danger to fight for what is right.
Bors Thul Betrothed - A nobleman of Alderaan and member of the Black Squadron, Bors is foppish, eccentric, and painfully honest. He's also dutiful, brave, and sincere. Literal worlds apart, the two found they shared a great deal in common including a love of life, a desire for redemption, to fight so others do not have to, and a strong affection for each other. Both thrust into a world of violence they abhor, they find strength in each other to keep moving forward.
Ektor Squadmate - At first, Ulani didn't know what to make of the former pirate turned Resistance fighter. He's big, burly, and brash wrapped in plenty of instability. Yet over the course of several missions, Ulani has formed a bond with Ektor that is difficult to explain. A skilled a pilot and demolitionist, Ektor's enthusiasm for adrenaline and destruction compliments with Ulani's even-headed, bookish nature.
Jessika Pava Squadmate - Fierce and hardened, Jessika is the tactical mind to Poe's daring-do. Second-in-Command and one of the founding members of Black Squadron, she is a hammer; a force to be reckoned with. A veteran of countless missions and battles spanning over several years she may seem a bit gruff, but Ulani has quickly come to admire Jessika's prowess in the field and ability to think quickly on her feet.
Shemar Squadmate - Shemar and Ulani only knew each other through some chance encounters in Hanna City before they were enlisted, at the same time, into Black Squadron. Unlike Ulani who joined the Support Crew, Shemar's background in battle training and skills landed him as the newest pilot to fly for the Black. He's a Tatooine-born man protecting his family whom Ulani is still getting to know better.
Yari Friend - A sturdy girl from the frozen mountains of Kijimi, Yari has overcome a great deal of adversity. Most of her people killed and left alone with a young son, Yari was once completely deaf and has recently has begun the journey of learning to hear and speak. She's a fantastic cook and such a compelling woman, she is quickly becoming Ulani's best friend. Though Ulani is unsure of Yari knows that or even recognizes the idea.